10 Most Common Security Attacks That Will Kill Your Blog


There is nothing safe in this world today. If you are going to read the newspapers or watch breaking news on television, you would definitely see different types of crimes being committed every day. You would most likely think about you and your loved one’s safety and would absolutely take precautionary measures to avoid these crimes from happening to you.

The same goes in the blogosphere. If you are one of the million bloggers who publish content or articles on the web, the first thought that would come to mind would probably be the success of your blog. You would definitely hope that someone would read it and that your readers would find it interesting and eventually share it too. But how about your blog’s safety? Has it ever crossed your mind that someone is also capable of stealing or destroying it?

Each and every blogger should truly know and understand just how imperative it is to completely secure and protect their WordPress blog from various security threats that could harm it. Just like your car, house, and other personal valuables, your digital place online is one of the most important things in your life because you didn’t just make it without effort. It is a product of your back-breaking work, so it is absolutely necessary for you to make all security measures to keep it safe every time.

There are many security threats that can damage your blog. A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is one computer threat to watch out for. This can occur when a malicious user or hacker takes a chain of zombie computers to damage a particular server or webpage. If you have weak and unsafe security, it can target your digital home. You can avoid this attack by keeping your plugins strongly coded and updated all the time.

Letting your readers leave a comment on your blog is a way for you to know their insights or if they have any suggestions. But if you give the green light for anyone to comment on your article, then your blog is likely to suffer from a massive SPAM attack, which is a crucial security concern for it can become a tool to distribute worms, viruses, Trojan horses, spyware and phishing attacks. You can avoid this from happening by applying appropriate commenting procedure like requiring pre-approval for every comment before posting.

If you are still using a vulnerable password, it is time for you to change it to a complicated one. To ensure a secure password, never use or put your name, your NetID or simple patterns. You can also include special characters, numbers, upper and lower case letters.  Make it 8 to 20 characters long to ensure that it cannot be easily guessed by anyone.

In line with this, your guest contributor or user should also be vigilant when it comes to protecting your password. Never allow them to assign a weak password for your webpage and inform them to be cautious with whom they give or show them to. Putting a limit on your site’s login attempts will also help you avoid unwanted access. When a person repeatedly enters the wrong password or has reached the ceiling of incorrect passwords allowed, he or she will be locked out of your site.

These are just some of the cyber threats that you should be prepared for. The infographic we have created below will show you other generally known security attacks that can destroy your blog in an instant. Never allow yourself to become a victim. If you take full responsibility and care for your blog, hackers and other malicious software will find it difficult to break in. Understanding these attacks and how to avoid such can definitely help you make your blogging career safe and successful.

Here is the visual and learn a lot from it. Have fun reading.




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