10 Negative Things About Serial Dating


Do you find yourself going out on endless first dates and turning them down one after another? Perhaps you’re being turned down as well. In any regard, you’re going out night after night on date after date, and nothing to show for it. You’ve been single for so long that you can’t remember your last exclusive relationship. Why do you keep turning down every person you go out with? Why are you turning down people that you could have potential with?

The truth is, many times we turn down people that we could have potential with, if we gave it a real chance. But, many of us are dating too many people and have too many options. These days, many people are meeting online and through social networks. There are so many people that are open to dating you, and it could be that you have way too many options to choose from. Having said that, you’re over dating, you’re a serial dater, and you need to put an end to your toxic behavior. Serial dating is keeping you from finding your true love. You’re not giving anything a real chance, unless you date one person at a time.

If you schedule a first date, you should give it a chance and not set up any other dates, until you see how your first date goes. If your first date doesn’t go well, then of course, by all means, date away. But, if your first date goes well and you feel that there’s potential, you should hold off on looking for anyone else, until you go out with this person again. You should wait until you have at least three dates with the person, and then decide if you think they’re the right match for you.


If they’re not the right match for you, then get back on the saddle. If they are the right match for you, then there’s no need to date anyone else, and you should give the situation a real chance. The only way to do that is by giving the person that you find potential with enough of a chance by not dating other people simultaneously. There’s no perfect person and you shouldn’t be looking for something that doesn’t exist. The point is to find the best possible match for you and once you find someone with that type of potential, give it a real shot. I decided to make a list of 10 negative things that go along with being a serial dater.

Here’s the list:

You’re not really giving any of the people you’re dating a real chance.

You may forget someone’s name and many other things about them, possibly confusing them with someone else that you’re dating.

They’re usually looking for perfection in a person or they won’t stop dating.

Serial daters feel like if they settle on a person that they like, they might miss the chance on someone else that they might like better. They’re very big on “not settling.” They’re always looking for someone better. The grass is always greener with someone else or the possibility of being with someone else.

Many women are serial dating in order to go out to nice restaurants and get free meals and many men are serial dating in order to hook up with as many women as they can. In other words, a lot of serial daters have ulterior motives for dating so many different people.

Many times, serial daters are not looking for a real commitment or anything long-term.

Some serial daters are commitment-phobic and afraid of settling down with someone, because of past wounds from heartbreaks. You should be very wary of dating a commitment phobic person that goes out on too many dates.

You can’t really connect emotionally with the serial dater, because their heart isn’t truly open. A serial dater can’t get attached to anyone, because they’re unable to be with one person long enough to get to know them.

When someone is a serial dater, they’ve usually experience the online dating scene for more than they should have. They’re likely at a point where they’re used to always finding someone new and as easy as swiping to the right. If you’re dating a serial dater, you’re basically one of many options to the person and easily replaceable.

Someone that serial dates, can’t focus on you as much as you’d like. They won’t give you the attention that you may crave.

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