10 Steps to Make Your Relationship Stronger



Having and maintaining a happy relationship takes hard work. Depending on how much love you put into your relationship, the results will differ. If you’re willing to put your all into having and maintaining a successful relationship, one thing still remains – your partner needs to do the same. Healthy and happy relationships take hard work from both people. Relationships involve give-and-take, compromise, and healthy communication, and none of that can be one-sided. I wanted to create a list of 10 things that can help make your relationship stronger – if you’re both willing to do the work. 

1. The Way You Communicate

The way that you communicate matters. Part of healthy communication is being comfortable to express your thoughts and feelings, as well as being a good listener. But most of all, you need to feel comfortable to share and express your innermost feelings. You should be able to do so in a kind manner with love, respect, and poise. 

2. Compromise

Be willing to compromise, because remember – love is not a game, and taking turns is a must. It’s important to be fair and not only be willing to receive love and kindness from your partner, but also to be willing to give love back in return. It’s not about winning or losing. 

3. Resolve Issues Early On

Nip things in the bud, and never avoid drama or confrontation. Be willing to hash things out when issues are new. Don’t wait for things to get big, because when they do, that means that you’re imploding and that’s never a good thing. When you implode your feelings, you’ll end up exploding at some point, and it can all be avoided if you talk about what’s bothering you right away. 

4. Be Giving

Concentrate on giving. If you’re in a healthy relationship, and you keep your heart and mind focused on giving to your partner in different ways, the love of your beautiful and giving heart will naturally reciprocate. 

5. Have a Balanced Life

Make sure that all areas in your life are balanced and that you pay attention to everything that’s important to you. Give each of those aspects your full attention, and remember to stay in the moment. 

6. Great Intimacy

Great intimacy is a must. But part of great intimacy is having a good amount of love and affection. When intimacy is based on genuine love, you can be as wild and spontaneous as you want, as long as you’re both comfortable. Remember that give and take plays a big role here.

7. Keep an Open Mind

Don’t be stubborn and hardheaded. Be open-minded when it comes to hearing your partner out or doing things that your partner wants to do. Keep an open mind and heart towards anything that your partner might be interested in, without closing the door before you’ve even heard it or tried it. When you’re not willing to do the same activities as your partner or if you have different interests altogether, there’s nothing wrong with that – as long as you’re supportive of your partner, and it’s not anything that could hurt you, your partner, or your relationship. 

8. Make the Time

Make time for your partner. Effort goes along way, and as I’ve written before, it costs nothing. Making the time for your partner can be hard if you have busy schedules, but if you want a successful relationship, then you need to be willing to make the time to create one. 

9. Learn and Grow Together

Be willing to learn and grow from your partner. If you have a big age difference or none whatsoever, you’re going to learn different things as you get older, so it’s important to experience life as a team. Part of being a team is being able to learn and grow with your partner, and to explore new things. Therefore, it’s imperative to keep an open mind towards learning new things, and you should be willing to share new things with your partner as well. 

10. Be Romantic

Romance should be a part of every healthy relationship. Keep the fire alive in your relationship. This means more than making the time for your partner, but making the time for romance with them as well. Create a date night at least once a week where there’s candlelight, a romantic walk, or even sitting by a fire cozied up on the couch. You can come up with some ideas of your own. Romance is different than intimacy, so keep that in mind when you’re eager hormones are trying to take over.


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