10 Weight Loss Tips to Live By


Many people will tell you that if you eat at home instead of going out to eat a lot, you’ll lose weight. From my own personal experience of living 10 years in an environment where I cooked at home quite frequently, and entertained quite a bit, I can assure you that eating inside, instead of going out doesn’t keep you looking thinner. It’s simply depends on what you eat, how often you eat, and the portions that you eat. I decided to write a list of 10 weight loss tips that I feel many people can benefit from. These tips are not only for losing weight, but to add into your everyday life when you’re hoping to turn your diet into a healthy lifestyle, as opposed to a temporary fix.

Here’s the list:

1. When you eat out, imagine that you’re dividing your food into half. Eat half of it, and take the other half to go. Eat it later when you’re hungry again. In other words, eat smaller portions, and approximately five times a day.

2. I definitely believing in indulging in moderation. However, when it comes to getting sauce, dressing, gravy, or anything else to add flavour to your food, order it on the side. The key is to dip instead of pour. Have your dressing on the side of your salads, and dip a little bit of your salad into the dressing. This may not sound all that exciting to you, but I can assure you that you’ll not only get used to it, but you’ll thank me for it later.

3. If you’re a meat and potatoes type of person, and you decide to eat out and order a steak, make sure that you tell the waiter not to put any extra butter, or garlicky spread on top of the steak after it’s cooked. You might be surprised, but many restaurants don’t let you know that they’re putting extra oil that the steak is cooked in on top, or even extra butter on top of the steak once it’s done. It’s quite easy and simple for you to ask your waiter nicely to hold any extra butter or sauce that they might add onto the steak.

4. Once again, I’m going to give you a meat and potatoes type of suggestion, because I know there are so many of us out there that love to indulge in red meat. If you’re ordering a hamburger, get it wrapped in lettuce, hold the mayo, and don’t eat cheese. If you love your bread, and you can’t seem to give it up, I highly recommend to pick and choose when you’re eating bread, but never to fully eliminate it.

5. Stay away from all fast food. If on the long occasion you find yourself in a position where you have no other option, and you need to eat, then order the healthiest thing that you can. In other words, if you’re going to Taco Bell, get beans instead of meat, hold the cheese (or at least get half of the cheese if you’re the double/double type), and hold any creams or sauces that they might put on it. Also, don’t over order, drink a lot of water, and realize that it still won’t fill you up, and will merely hold you over. Either way, if you can control yourself not to eat any fast food, that would be in yours and all of our best interests.

6. If you like to indulge on potato chips of any sort, don’t eat any more than two handfuls. You’ll obviously need to close the bag after taking those handfuls. Indulging is one thing, but overeating is another. If you’re craving that salty taste, feed your craving, but don’t overfeed it, because then your body will get used to that amount of salt.

7. If you’re going to eat a bagel, take the bread out, or if you’re going out for a bagel, have them take the bread out, and I promise you that they won’t mind. If you’re going to eat a sandwich, like a Subway sandwich perhaps, ask them to take the bread out as well. Remember, eating bread is okay, but there’s nothing wrong with cutting calories whenever you can.

8. I highly recommend for those that like to snack in between meals to grab an apple. The skin on apples is where most of, if not all of the dietary fiber is, and it’s important to have dietary fiber to make you feel full. An apple is one of the best ways to put your hunger at ease, and to temporarily hold you off until the next meal. Besides, it’s very healthy, and it’s sugar will make you feel full and alive.

9. Always order steamed/dry vegetables when you go out to eat. If you can substitute vegetables for french fries, do so, and tell them that you prefer to have them steamed and dry. If you’re not a big fan of steamed vegetables, you’ll have to learn to develop a taste for it. When in the process of learning to eat healthier, and you’re turning your diet into a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to keep in mind that your taste buds will naturally change over time. As well, you’ll learn to truly appreciate, and love the taste of food in its natural state, and without any added ingredients.

10. If you like to eat nuts, eat them raw only. Besides the fact that roasted, and salted nuts can cause bad skin, acne, and will make you feel tired, anything cooked loses its vitamins to some degree. It’s important to get all of your vitamins when you’re eating. As well, make sure that you only have one or two handfuls of nuts a day.

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