11 Things to Focus on in a New Relationship


There are a few things that are important to focus on when you decide to explore a new relationship. And whether the person that you’re exploring a new relationship is someone entirely new or whether you’re getting back together with an ex for a second round, these things are still important to focus on. You see whether a situation is a new relationship or simply a new beginning, when the following things are paid close attention to and actively worked on, you will thrive as a couple.

Here’s the list:

1. Communicate your wants, needs, and expectations.

Make sure that you both feel comfortable enough so that you can openly communicate your feelings, and so that you’ll have a better idea of what you both want in your relationship. Do whatever you can so that both of your needs are equally met, and so that you’ll both feel satisfied. Something important to remember, is that not everyone wants to be loved or feels loved in the same manner. Find out what makes your partner feel loved the most. Make that you and your partner don’t have unrealistic expectations, and the best way to know what each other’s expectations are, is to ask each other.

2. Be honest and open book.

Honesty is everything. Be honest, open book, and share things with one another. Don’t keep each other in the dark in order to protect feelings. Be open and build trust with one another. Don’t bring in baggage from previous relationships, and that includes the baggage of having trust issues. Give your new relationship a clean slate. Trust is one of the basic and most important foundation pillars for having and maintaining a happy and healthy relationship.

3. Be lovers and best friends.

The best relationships and marriages are the one’s where two people are insanely compatibel inside and outside of the bedroom. Have each other’s back. Be a backbone, and a pillar of strength for each other. You should be able to count on and depend on each other at all times, whether happy times for when you’re celebrating or even in times of need and comfort. Run to each other when you want to share something with someone. Confide in your partner and make them the number one person who you want to share things with. One of the greatest things about being best friends is that the comfort level, the laughter, and the closeness will be immense, which will make your intimacy amazing as a result.

4. Make time for each other.

Treat each other as a priority, and do so, despite how busy your individual schedules are. Give each other an adequate amount of attention. Effort goes a long way when it comes to make each other feel special and loved. Go out of your way to make time to talk, to connect, and to see each other as often as you can.

5. Be as selfless and giving as possible.

Be giving to your partner, even when you’re feeling lazy or when it’s inconvenient for you at times. When you’re giving and selfless, it shows your partner just how much you care for them. Especially when you put effort into things or when you go out of your way.

6. Appreciate what you have together as a couple.

This is also one of the best ways of maintaining happiness in life. Focus on the positives, and show your appreciation for one another. Tell each other, and even remind yourself why you and your partner are so great together, and be thankful that you have each other. Appreciate all that you have as a couple.

7. Make a stable date night at least once a week.

Be romantic, and make the time to show one another how much you care. Having a stable and regular date night can keep the fire alive in your relationship. Make romance a priority.

8. Openly discuss your future goals and dreams.

Make sure that you know each other’s goals. Make sure that your future desires are aligned, so that you’ll be on the same page, and so that you’ll be going at the same pace. Don’t assume that you both want the same things in life. This is something that you should both feel comfortable talking about. And if you love each other enough, find ways to compromise when needed.

9. Be proud of each other.

Not only be proud, but be supportive as well. Even when it comes to little achievements, be proud of your partner. You should be each other’s biggest fans. This goes back to number 3, because being each other’s biggest fans is something that best friends do. 

10. Don’t make little things such a big deal.

Having no drama is nearly impossible, especially when two people have a lot of passion and when there’s an insane amount of fire and chemistry together. However, don’t make little things such a big deal. And I’m not saying that you should avoid confrontation or arguments. But moreso, I’m saying not to create issues that really shouldn’t be issues to begin with. Let the little things slide when you can. And if something bothers you, address it to your partner in a kind and loving way. Nip things in the bud, but make sure that you’re not picking on them or creating issues when they’re not such a big deal. Don’t be a complainer. Remember the bigger picture, and that’s to create a happy, loving, and peaceful relationship together. 

11. Embrace each other as individuals.

Love each other for who you both are. Don’t try to change each other, fix each other, or to make each other more like yourself. Don’t look for or hope to find your twin in life. But instead, look for someone who compliments you, and your life. As well, don’t judge each other for your differences. Instead, acknowledge them, and embrace your differences, because that’s what makes us all such beautiful people. It’s our differences that make us so unique. 

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