11 Tips for Planning a Perfect Last-Minute Wedding



Our wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of our lives, where everything is perfect and wondrous. However, planning your wedding to the last detail usually lasts for quite a long time. Some women spend months and even years planning their magical day. This certainly doesn’t mean that
last minute wedding planning can’t result in a fairytale-like wedding. The key lies in proper time management and timely organization. Even if it’s last minute, it can still be miraculous. You should definitely keep in mind the following things:

1. Use a Checklist

Number one in planning anything on short notice is to keep track of everything. Making a checklist will prevent you from forgetting something. It will also allow you to keep track of the things you have done and the things you ought still to do. And the feeling of crossing out the thing you finished – oh, the alleviation! It doesn’t matter if you’re planning quite a simple wedding ceremony or an extravagant one, making and following the checklist will make the whole planning process easier. You will feel more productive and able to stick with the plan, having in mind a clear picture of what’s missing. Every successful person must possess the trait of being well-organized. It is the key to many aspects, as well as to the aspect of wedding planning. Try it, you won’t be sorry.

2. Google Is Your Best Friend

When you ask people about who their best friend is, they usually say John, Dave, Susan or Ann. But what they actually mean is Google. So, one of the tips of what to do if you’re planning a last-minute wedding is to use the world’s most popular search engine for ideas. Not all the people have a Pinterest board featuring wedding dresses, centerpieces or wedding ideas. That’s why it’s essential to google everything. Not sure about the decorations? Type it in Google and see what comes up. Maybe you can actually use some of the ideas. Thinking about the overall wedding theme? Google some ideas. Perhaps one of them is in your style. You can use the Internet to set realistic goals. Search for the available restaurants for the reception, dress, and tux rental stores to check for the availability of the outfits and the perfect location for sealing the memories of this day. The key is to be realistic about the stages of the wedding.

3. The Budget


You certainly must think about the most delicate issue of any kind of a wedding: the budget. The budget can act as the main decision-maker in the whole process. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t feel limited and incapable of organizing your dream wedding just because not enough money is at your disposal. This happens once in your life and you should act accordingly. It is clear to us that not everyone has a rich family who will back them up financially. But don’t worry, there is a solution to everything. Many companies nowadays offer
special wedding loans that have a particular goal: to help you create a perfect wedding that you have always dreamed about, without worrying about the money to cover it. They exist to make everything you imagined possible. Because let’s face it, everyone deserves to have a magical wedding day.

4. The Attire


Another essential thing that makes weddings stand out from all the other occasions is, of course, the choice of outfits. Find your
perfect wedding dress in the local salons or department stores. Since you’re planning a last-minute wedding, the most important thing for you is the availability of the dress. Search for the model you’d like to try on beforehand. Use Pinterest or Google. This will save you time when you head up to the store, where you can show the picture of the desired dress, ask for the available models and try them on. It isn’t impossible to find a perfect dress short notice. As far as the groom is concerned, it should be far easier to find a suit. Many stores usually have many models, colours and sizes at their disposal, so have the groom check out the stores for the one he thinks will be the best. A good thing is that today you don’t have to worry about the matching bridesmaids’ outfits: it is popular now to let your bridesmaids choose their own dress in the style they find appealing. You can perhaps choose the colour and that’s it. One less thing to worry about and to check off the list! Also, a plus is that you’ll get smiling and content bridesmaids about their looks (which isn’t always the case).

5. Narrow the Guest List

Last-minute wedding parties usually don’t require too many guests. You will want to narrow the list down to close friends and immediate family. These are the people who care about you genuinely and they will definitely make time for your special day even if they have some other things planned. After all, you’d like people who appreciate you and vice versa there. When thinking about invitations, you may not have enough time to find the perfect design, shape, material and the appropriate text for a traditional paper-based invitation. Don’t worry, since nowadays you have another trend. You can easily design an electronic invitation you can send out via e-mail. There are so many options out there for these more modern variants. All of the steps mentioned as well as the ones that are yet to come will teach you
how to plan a wedding in one week without losing your mind.

6. The Venue and the Date


The setting for your wedding is crucial. If you have a certain style in mind, start with the venues that fit the description. Use Google, Yelp or Pinterest. Ask around for some suggestions. The date goes together with the choice of the venue. You need to think about whether the date or the location is more important to you because let’s face it, you might have to choose your ideal venue on the date they have it available for and not the one you had in mind. It’s important to be flexible here, to avoid the unnecessary fuss and drama.

7. Beauty Lies in the Details


There are many details to think about here. The choice, colour, style, and position of the floral arrangements and centerpieces, the overall theme of the wedding and the appropriate wall and table decorations, the music responsible for pleasant and lively atmosphere – are all key elements you need to take into consideration. The choice of food and the menu, desserts, the wedding cake, and the drinks are also essential for an unforgettable wedding. You should also think about the way to make ever-lasting memories by hiring a professional photographer and cameraman. To make it even more romantic, you can write your own personal vows. Even though it may be challenging, it’s worth the while. One more thing, when you have all the details worked out, remember to make an agenda covering all the steps in chronological order.

8. Better to Ask the Way Than to Go Astray

The greatest resources life has given you are your friends, family members, work colleagues, and former flatmates. Use this gift. Ask them for advice on the best restaurant, the choice of food, where to find a perfect cake and how it works in the City Hall. This will help you narrow your choices down and make you prepared for what to expect. Sometimes this is all we need because personal recommendations can’t ever be topped by what the Internet says.

9. DIY vs. Professional Wedding Planners


A never-ending battle between whether to hire a professional to do the job and to try to pull it off yourself. If you’re an organized and resourceful person generally, a do-it-yourself wedding is a possibility. However, if you’re rather a disorganized person, then it’s better to leave the job to a professional. There are plenty of things you can do yourself, such as decorations, flower arrangements, and cakes. This is definitely a cheaper variant and you can also ask your friends and family members for assistance. It could turn out to be quite fun!

10. It’s OK to Flip Out


Planning a wedding can be extremely tiring. Especially when you don’t have much time for planning and something doesn’t go as you planned. Every bride-to-be has had panicky reactions at some point in the last-minute wedding planning process. This is perfectly normal. Allow yourself a few moments of bursting into tears, then take a deep breath and calm down. You can do this.

11. Keep in Mind the Big Picture

After all, while planning your perfect day, it is essential not to forget what it is all about: sealing your love forever. Whenever you hit a rough spot (and it may well happen), think about the cause and the general outcome. It is all about celebrating love. Your priority should be that you and your guests have a good time and enjoy the ceremony as well as the reception.

If you follow some of the top tips for planning a picture-perfect, last minute wedding, you are certain to have an ideal wedding. Just like the one you have always dreamed about: a wedding that will leave your attendants breathless.

Stella Ryne

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  1. I am awed to find out from your wonderful article that even a last minute wedding can turn out to be a dream wedding Dear Stella. The magic of your words gives such inspiration to be confident and being able to pull off a last minute preparations for a wedding. Thank you.

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