The 11 Types of People You Find in Dating Sites – You Will Be Shocked!


There are many places that singles choose to meet people. We can literally meet someone while at the grocery store, at a coffee shop, or at any point throughout our day from the time we leave our home, until the time that we return. For many people it can be hard to find that special someone whom they decide is worthy, and feel would be a good match for them to start a relationship with. It can even become deflating at times when going out night after night or for many, to experience the bar scene.

For those that are looking for true love, believe in love, and hope to find their other half, it’s important to stay optimistic, and not to give up, despite the challenge that might come through experiencing the dating scene. When hoping to find your match, it’s important that you don’t settle, and that you go after what you want. You must have an open heart, and not carry wounds from other previous situations. As well, you need to have the purest of intentions, know what you want, and go forward with caution until you truly get to know a person.

It’s important that we all avoid any type of situation or person in which we feel fear, dishonesty, or if too many things don’t seem to sit well with us. We need to acknowledge all red flags, and not just believe what we hear – simply because people say them. This especially goes for when people are trying to meet someone using online dating sites. Many people will tell you what you want to hear, or what they believe will help them get what they want, despite whether or not there’s any truth to their words.

I’m not suggesting that anyone date with fear, but simply to be cautious. I decided to create a list of the 11 types of people that go on dating sites, and to make sure to avoid all but one of them.

Here’s the list:

1. Emotionally unavailable

They have wounds from previous relationships. They have experienced so much hurt from their past that they might even have emotional walls or barriers that won’t allow them to love or embrace any type of emotional connection. They might still miss their ex, or long to be with them. They will tell you what you want to hear at times, in order to attain your love. But it will ultimately cause you much grief and pain. Don’t be a saviour, and peace out from this situation asap.

2. Players with marital intentions

They’ll tell you whatever they is needed to get what they want from you. They will tell you they want marriage, babies, and the whole shish kabob, but in reality, they’re vegetarians. They will lie, cheat, and even spoil you in order to win your heart. Don’t go for money! Choose love, and real love takes time to develop. This type likely won’t go at your pace in any way, especially, if you go at a slow pace on an intimate level. They will simply leave, and find someone else who will meet their desires quicker.

3. Compulsive liars

This is a very common thing you must look out for on dating sites. So many people lie. So many people pretend to be someone else. There are endless fake profiles, fake ages, fake names, fake inventions of who they want you to believe that they are. The liars that go on dating sites are what fills them up about 80%. Most of this list are all in this category as well.

4. Currently married or separated (same as married)

Need I say more… Okay, I will. This type is married. If they’re separated, it’s irrelevant what they will tell you, because during a divorce or a separation, no one in their right mind is mentally, emotionally, or physically ready to commit to someone else. Healing is a process that all people who were in any type of relationship need to go through, despite their current living situation, or what they say in regards to them being “ready” in all aspects. The fact is, they’re not ready, and far from it.

5. Too picky

This type is unrealistic, over the top picky, and won’t settle for less than perfection (which doesn’t exist). They say that they want to find true love and a meaningful relationship, but they’re self destructive, and aren’t truly open to it, you, or anyone who doesn’t meet their standard of perfection.

6. Commitment phobic

They’re afraid of commitment, and have fear of settling down with one person. They’re afraid to fall in love, and afraid of getting hurt.

7. Hoping to find true love

They believe in love. They have hopes in finding someone real, genuine, and who wants the same things. They hope to find a connection on as many levels as possible. They have pure intentions, and hope for a meaningful relationship, and many times something that can develop into marriage.

8. Materialistic users

They’ll use you for intimacy, affection, attention, their ego, free meals, or even money and gifts. Their intentions are anything but pure.

9. Just looking

Don’t get your hopes up with this type. They typically don’t respond to emails or messages. They might even be married or separated. They’re keeping their options open, and usually tend to view love and life as the grass is always greener.

10. Fishing

They want to see how many fish they can catch. The more the merrier. It’s a numbers game for this type. They will try and hook up with as many people as they can for the quick and immediate gratification, despite who they lie to and hurt in the process. Many times, this type becomes addicted to staying on dating sites, even after finding someone with potential.

11. Superficial and toxic

There are many different types of toxic people in this world. But for some reason, many of them are drawn to dating sites for different reasons. People bring in their baggage from personal issues, wounds from breakups, and there’s even a certain number of narcissistic types trolling around on dating sites as well. Many people are merely looking for attention, empty intimacy, and the next best thing. A lot of people are looking for someone on a very superficial level. They don’t want substance or any type of commitment, but instead, they want someone with either great looks, a great job, or a lot of money. Yep, there are many superficial people in online dating, so beware of people’s intentions. You can usually tell what someone’s intentions are pretty easily by the types of questions that they’ll ask you.

My list is accurate, and these are the only types of people that are on dating sites. True, one out of the 11 are looking for their soulmate, their other half, a true partner in life, and someone who they can build a genuine and meaningful relationship with. That small percentage really does believe in true love. Having said that, is it really worth it to be on dating sites when you see what you have to weed through to find that one special someone (rhetorical question). People go on endless dates with people that they meet in online dating sites, with hopes to find their best possible match. I’m not saying that anyone shouldn’t do it, nor that I haven’t done it myself. I’m merely putting it out there for the world to see how toxic dating sites truly are. You can decide for yourself.

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