12 Ways to Know Your Partner ‘Still’ Loves You


Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether or not your partner truly and utterly loves and adores you. Maybe it’s hard to tell because years have passed, and you’ve been together for so long. Maybe at times it even feels like you’re just going through the motions. As far as going through the motions, it’s a good idea and always important to keep things exciting by changing things up, being spontaneous, and spicing things up when needed. No one ever wants to feel that their partner is so used to them, and that’s the only reason why they’re still together.

Whether you’re dating someone for a long time, in a relationship, or even married to someone that you’ve been with for so long, you always want to feel special and appreciated. No one ever wants to feel as if their partner doesn’t have those same intense loving feelings towards them as they used to. Wanting to feel loved, desired, adored, and appreciated are feelings that we all want to experience throughout our lives with our partner. We don’t want to feel as if one day we’ve gotten so old that are partner simply doesn’t care anymore, love us, or show us by putting any effort into things, because they no longer view us as a challenge or as this amazing, fresh, new, exciting thing that needs special love and attention. We want to feel as if even when we’re old, our partner loves us tremendously inside and out, because they were with us for the right reasons.

When we’re with someone for all of the right reasons, have pure intentions, and truly love our partner, we’ll love them for always. We don’t only love the person when they’re beautiful and attractive on the outside. We’ll love the person so much for their soul and for their inner being. If anything, their exterior becomes more attractive and appealing because of it. It’s important to know that your partner loves you for you, and for all of the beauty that you carry from within. There’s nothing wrong with someone questioning whether or not their partner still loves them, as long as it’s not too frequent of a concern. I decided to write a list as a little reminder for those that tend to question as to whether or not their partner still loves them. 

Here’s the list:

1. Effort Goes a Long Way

They put effort into doing things for you. They don’t do things only because you ask them, but they do things for you because they want to. When they do things for you, they put love into it, and not just do whatever to get the job done. They’re willing to put the time and effort into making things nearly perfect, or at least, they try to do things as you prefer.

2. Affection Does Wonders

They’re still affectionate, give kisses, embrace you, and make love to you. If they do any or all of the above, they still love you. They might even hold your hand at different times. They’re warm and affectionate. Even if the extent of their affection towards you is the touching of your feet when you sleep, they care, and more than you think.

3. It’s All About the Little Things

They do little things that you might get used to over time. Try to observe whether they greet you at the door, if they wonder where you’re at when you’re not in the room, text or call you during the day (just to stay in touch), cook your favourite meal, or any other little things that might be special to you. Take note when your partner does them, and recognize it as a sign of love for you. One sweet thing that many people do for their partner is letting them pick the place, the restaurant, the movie, or any of those little things that you think don’t matter. Sometimes it’s the little things that are the easiest ways to tell if your partner cares about you.

4. They Fight for You

Not necessarily physically fight but that too – not that I condone that. They fight for you when it comes to attaining your heart, winning your love, and being with you. They fight for you during the dating period by being proud of you, appreciating you, and knowing your worth. They fight for you during this time, because they know that something as good as you doesn’t come around twice. They don’t take you for granted, and they appreciate you when they have you. They don’t risk losing you by not desiring an exclusive relationship.

They don’t want you to be single, but instead, they want you to be theirs. Many times families are against their child being with their partner, but when a partner stays anyway, it’s a huge sign of love. When you have each other’s back in a relationship, it’s a strength that surpasses all. Many times, in relationships there are moments when couples will argue and disagree on things. The couples that choose to work things out and stay together are the couples that truly love each other. The same goes for people that are married. Simply staying together is a sign of love. 

5. Just Because Gifts

Giving gifts is a way of showing your partner that you love and appreciate them. Whether they’re flowers, a handwritten letter or poem, a card, or even something that you’ve made (a painting perhaps). It’s a big way of knowing your partner cares. 

6. You’re Unforgettable to Them

They remember special occasions, special dates, and special memories that you’ve shared together. They’ll never forget your birthday, and they’ll always try to do something nice for you then, and on any occasion that’s important to you, including Hallmark holidays.

7. They Act Selflessly

They act selflessly, and they put you before themselves. Your feelings matter to them, and so does what you want, what you need, and what you desire. They do things from the bottom of their heart, and without any motive other than to express their love to you. They’re giving in many ways.

8. Their Actions Speak for Themselves

They show you that they care how you feel. They want you to feel comfortable and happy as much as possible. Whether or not you view it as a good thing, they will do things to please you by fixing things. If certain things are important for you to have done in the home, like for example making the bed or dusting the furniture, they’ll make sure that it’s done. If you’re the type that likes to see your partner dress a certain way, and they do so to make you happy, then it’s a big sign of showing you how much they care.

9. They Act Chivalrous Until Their Very Last Breath

For the men out there that open their partner’s door, chivalry is far from dead to them. They might even pull out their partner’s chair. Maybe I’m old-school, but from what I’ve seen growing up, I was raised with some old-fashioned values, and I find them to be quite beautiful. It’s a huge sign at expressing one’s love to their partner when they’re chivalrous. Even at the age of 90, my grandfather still opens the door for my grandmother every single time they get into the car or go anywhere for that matter. This is a big sign of love, and so is showing gratitude towards the person that’s doing it.

10. They Don’t Make Excuses

One of the biggest ways of knowing that someone loves you is by the way that they’ll go out of their way, put effort into things, and make the time to be with you and do things that are important to you. In relationships, nothing should ever be one-sided, where only one person is giving. Both people in a relationship should never have to make excuses as to why they don’t express their love with their words and their actions.

You should never really have to question whether your partner loves you or not. But when you do, if your partner truly loves you, they’ll have no problem letting you know, and even reminding you when needed. They don’t make excuses as to why they shouldn’t have to do certain things. They do things with pleasure. Last but not least, they don’t make you feel bad for repeatedly asking them if you still love them. They simply respond lovingly, and try to reassure you.

11. They Work Hard

They work hard towards achieving their goals Many times, this is one of the biggest ways to know that your partner loves you. They have you in mind when they strive towards their goals. They work hard so that they can be a better provider for you, and if you have kids, then for your family as well. They want you to be proud of them. They want to provide a certain type of lifestyle in which perhaps they can spoil you, or at least, so that you’ll feel more financially comfortable.

12. They’re Proud of You

They don’t hide you in public. They don’t keep you and your relationship a secret. They don’t make excuses as to why you haven’t met anyone important to them like their friends, family, or even their kids. At least, not after a certain amount of time passes. They walk hand in hand with you publicly. If you work hard, they let you know how much they appreciate you, and how proud they are of you. They’re proud of you, and they show you by their words and actions.

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