13 Facts About People Who Thrive with a Commitment


There are many types of people in this world who either enjoy all of the wonderful things about being committed to someone, or they don’t. I’ve written a numerous amount of articles about commitment phobia and people that have the fear of commitment and being tied down to one person for a long time. But what I haven’t yet written about are the types of people that thrive with a commitment, and those that truly enjoy exploring an exclusive relationship or even a marriage to someone. This is why I created a list of 13 facts about people that love being in a relationship.

1. You Feel Safe and Secure

You feel safe knowing that you have someone that’s by your side through the good times and the bad. You feel safe knowing that you have someone to turn to when in need or in doubt. It feels safe to have the security of knowing that you have a partner, and that the search is finally over. And it feels truly safe when you find a companion, a partner, a lover, and a friend with whom you can spend time with, communicate openly and freely with, and someone that you can share your life with. Feeling safe is one of the most incredible feelings about being in a committed relationship. 

2. No More Lonely Nights

When you’re in an exclusive relationship, married, or you have that one special partner in life, you’ll likely be spending all of your time with them, feeling less lonely that you might’ve when you were single. Having a companion, a friend, and a partner in life that you can spend all of your free time with is the most comforting feeling. If you’re in a healthy state of mind and you’re in a healthy relationship, you won’t feel lonely even when you’re alone, because you’ll know that you have your partner with you at heart, even when they’re not in your presence. 

3. You Have a Friend in Your Partner

Friends will come and go throughout your life. But when you’re in a happy, healthy, and loving relationship, you’ll naturally become friends, and when you’re lucky, you’ll become best friends. You’ll get to enjoy all of the things that you would with any other friend, but at a closer and intimate level. You’ll have a lover and a friend all wrapped up into one. 

4. No More Online Dating or Bad Dates

Well, let me start off by saying that you’ve had your last first date, and that’s something that’s definitely a huge plus. The toxic world of dating sites is no longer an option to you or your partner. You’re dating sites are deactivated and disabled, and you couldn’t be happier. You’ll never have to go on another bad first date, because the only one that you’ll be dating is the same person, again and again. Not to mention, that even financially, you’ll be better off, being that now, you’re investing in one person, rather than a bunch of bad dates. 

5. You Have Someone to Do Fun Activities With

Whether you’re going to the gym, going on a hike, heading to the mall, to the movies, to a concert, or anywhere else, you’ll always have a partner to do fun things with. You won’t have to worry about going to the gym and having creepy people come up to you and talk to you, tuning them out with your earphones because now, you’ll either be wearing a ring on your finger, or you’ll simply have the security of knowing that you’re taken and off the market. Oh, and P.S., you’re happy about it.

6. You Feel Happier

Besides the fact that there are many scientific studies that prove that being in a happy and healthy relationship makes you feel happier, the truth is, when you’re in a good situation, we tend to thrive and feel excited for the mere sake of having such a great partner by our side. As well, there’s much less depression when you’re in a healthy relationship. So, despite whether or not you’re getting that early morning sun that would naturally kill depression, simply being in a happy relationship can do wonders. 

7. Self-Improvement Becomes an Easier Task

It’s much easier to work on yourself and on all of your issues when you’re in a relationship and someone’s right there to call you out on your shit. Having said that, you should always be kind when you let someone know what their issues are. But you definitely shouldn’t avoid them or sweep them under the rug. Healthy relationships provide a sense of security and stability we’re both people can act as themselves, and when they have faults, which will happen at times, they’re able to keep each other in check by pointing them out. What’s great is when couples are willing to work on their issues, and are open to improving themselves and their relationships. 

8. Stable Closeness and Intimacy

When you’re in a stable and healthy relationship or married, your sex life should not only be amazing, but as your love grows for the other person, so does your intimacy and closeness. Intimacy like everything else in a relationship involves give and take. But when you’re with the one that you love, things naturally flow. 

9. You’ll Sleep Better at Night

Besides the fact that you won’t have anxiety about finding a partner, there won’t be anymore tossing and turning because of a horrible date that you went on. You now have an amazing partner that you not only can sleep next to, but one that you can cuddle and hold as well. Nothing is as good as the warmth of an embrace from your partner.

10. Your Families Will “Hopefully” Get off Your Back About Finding a Nice Partner

Depending on our families, a lot of them put so much pressure on us to settle down and get married. But the smarter families will suggest that you explore an exclusive relationship first, and to truly get to know a person on a deeper level, so that you don’t end in divorce (G-d Forbid). Therefore, one of the greatest things that people can benefit from when in an exclusive relationship, is that their parents will back off a little, and ease up with the “pressure talks.” 

11. You’re in Love

Nothing in the world feels better than being in love. Giving love and feeling love are two incredible feelings that are truly beyond words and indescribable to fully describe. When you’re in love, it’s an incomparable feeling that you share with another person, and knowing that a person loves you unconditionally, and that they’re stably in your life, and by your side is everything. 

12. Emotional Support

You finally have someone that will have your back, stand by your side, and protect you when needed. When you’re in a happy relationship or marriage, you’ll have endless emotional support. It can be used as a backbone and as a pillar of strength in just knowing that you have one another to lean on. 

13. You Can Love and Nurture One Another

We all need love and nurture in life. And when you’re in a happy relationship, you’re able to give love, get love, attention, and affection from your partner. You’re able to meet each other’s wants and needs, and in a healthy relationship, those wants and needs should naturally get reciprocated. When you’re a giving and loving partner, your partner should be the same way towards you.

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