3 Amazing Things You Should Do Before You Turn 30



“Life is short.” We heard this line most of the time in our life. And that’s true. You make your wish list that I’ll do this after retirement, or I’ll do that after college. But in this hustle, we forget life is not about plannings. Life is just like a bonanza of special Diwali gifts when you know it, you will feel happy. Life only means to live joyfully. Live your today instead of worrying of coming tomorrow. Most of the people have a list of things they want to accomplish before they hit their 30s. Around this age, health is hopefully still on your side and you have got a far fewer career or other familiar commitments that someone who just turned 40. Now its time to tick off some of your wish lists. Take a break from your busy schedule of the life and do some of the things by the time you reach that age. Scroll down to find out the things you should do before you turn 30. 

1. A Visit to Abroad 

Before 30, your health is hopefully still on your side and you are free from other family commitments. It is the right time when you actually plan something for yourself that can make you feel good. Take a visit to abroad as it can be the best way to force yourself out of your comfort zone. You can also get a chance to learn a lot about yourself by navigating to a new country and experiencing the new culture. A short break from your life will really give you the real-life experiences and many beautiful memories too. 

2. Quit the Job You Hate, Even If You Don’t Have a Backup Plan 

Stop depressingly living the life. You are the driver of your life. So, drive it in your own style. Throw out those things from your life which you don’t like or you don’t want it, even if it is your job. Dare to say “No” to yourself when you can’t handle your hectic job. Life is full of opportunities and you will definitely get another chance to shine yourself. It’s time to go for your ideal career goal. So, dare it and do it! Cheer up every moment of your life by taking a bite of best cakes in Bangalore or wherever you want it to buy and follow your heartbeats to live the life joyfully and happily. 

3. Dine Alone at a Restaurant 

It seems quite weird, but you should try this out! Without any device and book, dine alone at a restaurant. It might feel ticklish to eat by yourself, but it can also teach you to be comfortable with yourself. While chilling out with friends in a restaurant, we think that there is something wrong with people who dine out alone. But there is nothing to feel bad. Doing this small thing, you can feel free yourself from all kinds of stress and you will also get pretty much time to judge or know yourself.


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