3 Reasons You Should Go With Your Gut When It Comes To Love


In life, trusting your gut is one of the most important things you can do. This applies to many of the important choices you make in areas like parenting and relationships. I’ve noticed that many people, whether they were taught to do so or learned it on their own, tend to suppress their gut instinct. This isn’t just a bad idea, it can be very dangerous and damaging.

I’m not talking about following your heart over your head, I’m actually a fan of the saying “following your heart but take your brain with you”, but rather trusting what your instincts tell you is the truth. If you wait long enough, the evidence will show itself in favor of what your gut told you. Whether this turns out to be that you were right to be suspicious of an individual around your kid, or that sinking feeling that you’ve talked yourself into letting go of the love of your life.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Go with Your Gut When It Comes to Love

1. Your Gut Is There to Protect You

Not trusting your gut when you are on a date with someone new can end poorly in a number of ways. If your gut is telling you that the dude you are eating dinner with is a shady cat, but you ignore it, you could end up drugged, seriously injured and/or emotionally and physically abused. It may seem like you are being unreasonable or rude to others, but if you feel unsafe, you need to remove yourself from the situation and not worry about what other people think.

Even if you just go on a few dates because he seems like a “nice guy”, you could be opening the door for an abusive narcissist to emotionally gaslight you, ruin your reputation and your faith in your own mind.

Save yourself the trouble and headache and trust your gut when it tells you someone is a no-go. Don’t go out with someone your instincts tell you no on just because you are lonely or desperate, it isn’t worth it. There is always a reason for your instincts, and it is likely not a reason you want to stick around to find out about.

2. Trusting Your Gut Is Healthy

Being in tune with your gut instinct is essential to having boundaries with people. While some (toxic) people are obviously in need of having boundaries set with them, others don’t show signs of being toxic and the only thing protecting you from them is your gut. You might not have an explanation for how you feel about them, but you have an undeniable sense of dread and that needs to be enough for you to act on!

Listening to your gut instinct makes you a healthier person in many senses, which also makes you a more desirable partner. You know what you do and don’t like and you aren’t afraid to act accordingly. Just because you fight for your own health and happiness doesn’t mean you can’t have a knight in shining armor, it just means he might be smiting spiders and bugs instead of toxic exes. 😉

3. You Owe It to Your Heart (and His) to Trust Your Gut

When a good thing (or man) comes your way, you may start to realize how much getting what you want scares you. You might come face to face with the knowledge that you’ve thought of yourself as undeserving of love. Maybe you’ve even noticed yourself subconsciously acting out on this belief in order to self-sabotage because you are scared of this love you have with him being the real deal.

If your gut is telling you that someone is the one, you owe it to your own heart and his to listen. If you don’t, you’ll only be stealing a future together from yourself and him.

You’ll be planting the seed of doubt in both of you that will grow and gnaw away at your heart and mind for the rest of your lives. Thousands of thoughts about “what if’s” and “maybe I was wrong” will plague you. You’ll never have peace in your decision if you go against your gut in love. If you rationalize your gut instincts away, you’ll make the worst decision of your life.

Always trust your gut, especially in love.

Georgia K

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