3 Things to Do When Your Partner Is Losing Interest


It’s never a good thing when you feel as if your partner is starting to drift away or lose interest. Each and every one of us wants to feel that our relationship is strong. But not only strong, but stronger than ever, and at all times. We all want to feel that our relationship will last a lifetime, and that our partner’s feelings for us will grow and grow more and more each and every day. But sometimes relationships have turbulence, and as couples, we go through ups and downs and different phases where we have some bad times, some good times, and hopefully, some blissful times as well. I wanted to write a list of 3 things that you can do when you feel as if your partner is losing interest. Hopefully these ways will help to bring back whatever love that you feel is drifting away.

1. Bring Back the Romance

There are many things that you can do to spice up your relationship, and to add in some romance. Whether it’s a candlelight dinner at home, or whether you suggest a regular date night once a week with your partner. There are many ways to add some extra flavour and spice into your relationship. It just takes a little effort and planning on you or your partner’s end. Just remember, it’s not really about what you do or how elaborate your ideas are, but more so, it’s about the love and effort that you put into it.

2. Communicate with Your Partner

The best way to know what’s going on when you feel as if your partner is being distant or as if the love isn’t the same as it used to be, is by being direct and upfront about it. Don’t be too proud or have too big of an ego to the point where you can’t express yourself or feel vulnerable enough to let your partner know that you feel as if something has changed. Be very direct in your approach when asking your partner if anything is bothering them. And if you find out that something is truly wrong, do your best to fix whatever you can on your end. Having said that, one of the worst things that you can do is assume that something is wrong, and not ask your partner directly by communicating your thoughts. Both people in a relationship should feel comfortable enough that they can ask one another what’s wrong at any point in their relationship.

3. Look Within Yourself

Not to say that you’re the reason or the blame for why your partner might seem distant or as if their love for you is fading, because you might be wrong. And as I said above, it’s always better to ask your partner directly, rather than make assumptions. However, it never hurts to look within yourself, and to make sure that you’re doing your share of things in your relationship by giving enough, and by putting enough effort into whatever you’re doing. And while you’re brainstorming what you might be doing wrong, and what might be causing these feelings in your partner, think of any things that you might not have done that your partner might have requested. As well, it never hurts to go out of your way or do sweet gestures for your partner to bring about a smile or a little extra happiness in them. And if that doesn’t work, just go back to number 2, and simply communicate your feelings and concerns.

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