4 Highly Romantic Vacations for Your Honeymoon



A honeymoon setting should allow you and your new spouse to have fun trying new adventures while helping both of you establish a strong foundation in your marriage. Certain locations are known to be especially ideal for newlywed couples. If you want the most romantic honeymoon vacation, any of these four ideas could be the perfect match.

1. Ski Lodge

Going on your honeymoon during the winter will give you and your spouse the chance to escape to a ski lodge located at one of the world’s premier ski resorts. During your stay, you can rent a private ski lodge that features amenities like comfortable beds, an in-lodge fireplace, and your own private hot tub. Whitefish Mountain, Snoqualmie Pass, and Lake Placid are just a few of the top ski destinations that feature private lodge rentals. Snowy honeymoons are an ideal romantic bonding experience for those who want to have adrenaline-pumping adventures outdoors, followed by cuddly evenings by a warm fireplace.

2. Beach House

A honeymoon by the sea may be just what you and your new spouse need to kindle the perfect romantic bond. If the two of you want to escape to an exotic island, beach houses in places like Hawaii, Tahiti, and Jamaica can provide ideal accommodations. There are also private beach bungalows in Bora Bora that sit directly above the water that can be rented. You might even find the ideal beach house for rent along Florida’s enchanting Emerald Coast. Beachside honeymoons are an ideal romantic getaway for their beautiful sunsets, warm sandy coasts, and ample adventures for a couple to bond over.

3. Cruise

Taking a cruise aboard a luxury liner will give you and your spouse the chance to explore different parts of the world by sea. Whether you want to take a Caribbean cruise or explore the Mediterranean Sea by boat, many cruise companies offer spectacular deals on honeymoon cruises. A cruise usually involves stops at several port cities and towns where you can disembark the boat for a while and explore different locales. A cruise is ideal for a newly married couple looking for a place to relax to oceanside views while enjoying casual cruise-line entertainment.

4. European Tour

Paris, Rome and other cities for lovers can be visited while touring the European continent. Countryside castles throughout Great Britain, Ireland, and Eastern Europe are also ideal settings for honeymooners. Fantastic deals can often be found on rail passes that will allow you to travel to different countries and cities by train. If the expense of your wedding has left you on a tight budget, many hostels throughout Europe have private rooms that can be rented for lower rates than what you’d find at most hotels. For those looking to have a more explorative experience for their honeymoon, European tours can be an ideal cultural experience.

Your honeymoon should be special, and taking any of these highly romantic vacations will help add more spark to your marriage. No matter what the two of you enjoy doing together, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for when you go on one of these honeymoons.


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