4 Memorable First Date Ideas That Don’t Break the Bank



First dates can be exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. The typical first dates such as dinner and a movie are neither memorable and are not friendly on the wallet. However, you can mix things up with your new love interest by trying these first date ideas that are sure to change things up a little without making either of you worry about finances.

1. Nature

Getting outside is a great way to bond with someone. Depending on your local landscape there are options such as the beach, a hike, kayaking, geocaching, or strolling a local park. If it’s cold, there are always winter sports such as ice skating and cross-country skiing which don’t require prior experience to enjoy. Spending some time out in nature is good for the mind and body plus the serene environment is amazing for getting to know someone.

2. Picnic

Romantics dream of a beautiful picnic date. A soft blanket and some food will leave someone talking more than going to any fancy restaurant. If you’re not sure what to make or are afraid that it won’t keep well until it’s time to eat, many places that deliver are now delivering to common outdoor areas. Everyone loves pizza so a picnic is sure to please. You can even have pizza delivery to the park.  You’ll have great food, conversation, and nature around you.

3. Take a Class

Painting, yoga, pottery, and cooking classes tend to be some of the most common choices but there are all kinds of classes you can find. Places like community centers and libraries even offer these kinds of events cheap or free of charge. Check the local schedules to find a class that you and your date can enjoy. Learning something new can be a great way to get to know someone. You both are working in uncharted waters and expanding your skillset is a great way to show off that you are a curious and intelligent person.

4. Open Mic Night

Local open mic nights are great cheap entertainment. If one of you is outgoing, you can even give it a shot. Whether it’s comedy, music, or something else, you’ll get to enjoy some of the up and coming entertainment in your area. Worst-case scenario if the entertainment isn’t good then you both have something to laugh about.

There are all kinds of ideas for first dates. Don’t limit yourself by what everyone else does. Most people will appreciate your creativity in thinking outside the box. Try to go somewhere that you are free to talk and get to know the person and remember that many people don’t feel comfortable having first dates at home. Keep a good conversation flowing and the date is sure to go well regardless of what you decide to do.


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