4 Reasons Finances Can Harm Great Relationships



Try as hard as you might to build and foster lasting relationships, there are certain things that can inevitably get in the way. These are the struggles in life that we all must deal with, and how we do that will ultimately determine the healthy nature of the personal relationships that we involve ourselves in. One of the biggest issues that many relationships today struggle with is in the area of finances. As has been said, money can truly be the root of all evil. With that in mind, here are four reasons that finances can harm even the best of relationships.

1. Secrets Destroy Relationships

Many personal relationships suffer because one partner keeps financial secrets from the other. Perhaps one partner dips into the savings account when they shouldn’t, or they begin to lie about certain money-related behaviors that they struggle with. Most such secrets will eventually be found out, and it will harm the relationship. This occurs largely because trust has been broken. It is important to not have any money-related secrets.

2. Mortgages and Cramped Living Spaces

If you share a mortgage with your significant other, this can end up being a source of added financial stress. It is important to set boundaries and have clear expectations about how this monthly expense is going to be accounted for. This can become an issue of control rather than the actual financial cost as it’s an issue across financial classes.

If you are spending a significant portion of your income on a space that is cramped and uncomfortable, that could be a source of angst. Especially if you can afford something bigger, but one partner is controlling about the finances. Whether you look at luxury single family homes as a way of improving your living situation while still staying within your financial means. The same goes if you don’t qualify for a giant home and it’s bringing financial stress. Make these decisions together.

3. Overspending

There is only so much money to go around in any relationship. It is important that one partner does not overspend. Doing so will cause an unfair burden on the other individual who must then work hard to account for monthly expenses. This is another area that can harm a personal relationship.

4. Having Too Many Cars

Vehicles are great, but they do add an extra expense that may not always be necessary. If you have too many cars, this is an area that many relationships will suffer as a result of. Sell off any vehicle that you do not need and realize monthly savings that will benefit both of you.

When you stop to think about, these are four areas that nearly every couple must face at various points in their relationships. At the same, they must be dealt with effectively and openly in order to contribute to a more positive and happier time together. Communication is the key, so remember to be open and honest with one another about your finances in order to truly thrive in your personal relationship.


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