4 Tablescape Trends to Try for Your Next Dinner Party



Presentation is everything. Whatever you’re serving at your next dinner party, you should make sure the tablescape does it justice. Therefore, use fun colors and unique decorations to wow your guests before the main course is even revealed.

1. Colorful Dishware

All-white dinner sets are a classic, but colorful plates also deserve a chance in the spotlight. Look for bright and playful shades that match your other decorations.
It’s a good idea to use solid colors for the main dinner plates; this way, the food will be the star of the show.

Salad plates and side dishes can feature bold patterns in matching shades.
For a fun twist, try mixing sets of two different complementary colors. Try red and blue, pink and orange, or multiple shades of green on the same table.

2. Clever Lighting

Tall dinner candles are a tablescape classic but don’t be afraid to mix things up at your next party. Try using uniquely shaped candles to create your center display. You can also place small votives between place settings for a friendly glow. However, never use scented candles—they’ll change the way your food is perceived.

Don’t be afraid to consider electronic options. Many beautiful lamps and brilliant centerpieces run on batteries. These options provide ambient light and don’t pose a fire hazard. If you’re crafting a floral centerpiece, consider weaving a tiny string of lights between the stems for a subtle glow.

3. Stand-Out Napkins

A linen napkin can offer plenty of room for tablescape creativity. Look for soft textures, delicate patterns, and bright colors that fit into your theme.
Think about how to place a napkin at each setting.

Try the classic fold, or go for something a little more ornate. You can set napkins on top of a setting or tuck them between two plates. Napkin rings can be matched with your other decorations.

4. Matching Metal Motifs

Most decorative matching tends to focus on color, but don’t forget about the metal elements in your tablescape. Vases, candleholders, salt shakers, and napkin rings can all be selected to match your chosen silverware.

Sterling silver is a classic metal for a reason; it goes well with nearly every palette. Additionally, Bronze is another good choice for your table setting; warm copper tones look lovely in many romantic or seasonal settings.

In conclusion, good tablescape requires attention to detail. After you’ve chosen your materials, spend time perfecting the arrangement. Play with the way you stack plates, fold napkins, and display drinks. It might seem like a lot of work, but your guests will be impressed with the final results.


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