4 Things You Should Know When Searching for a Commercial Plumbing Company



During your recent online searches – and offline – you may have come across many commercial plumbing companies. Many of them have slogans that are unrealistic, even if catchy! Their one-liners can be interpreted to mean that anyone with plumbing needs can be their clients. That is exactly the kind of company you need to steer clear of.

Even something as simple as a leaking faucet won’t mean the same to two different customers. Then how can the plumbers make this bold claim and expect to serve their customers well? Two customers with the same problem will likely have contrasting perceptions. Therefore, they won’t be responding to the same solution in the same manner.

Hence when searching for a commercial plumbing company, you may have to consider whether they suit your needs and fulfill your requirements or not. Only you would know what said needs and requirements are. Even so, we have tried to mention four things that are normally important for all customers.
Shall we look at them then?

1. Is Your Commercial Plumbing Company Licensed, Insured, and Bonded?

Did you know that it isn’t just enough for a plumbing firm to be licensed? They should also be legally allowed to function in a specific state! Figure out your states’ licensing requirements and process for plumbers. When you meet with a potential hire, ask them about their license. Then note down their number and verify it from your state’s licensing body.

Any plumbing firm worth their claims won’t be functioning without being bonded and insured. Why is that even necessary? Because accidents don’t take your convenience into question. And if such a mishap happens while they are working on your project, you may be liable for the incurred damages!

2. Do They Have the Specialization It Takes to Get the Job Done?

Entrusting a company that sends out semi-skilled individuals to get a handle on your water supply and drainage systems is a bad idea! Before you go further, ask to see whether the plumbers have the necessary qualifications for your job. Ideally, confirm this before signing any contract. Don’t forget to check the certificates of qualifications. A professional will offer to show them to acquire the contract to work in your property. Additionally, check for two things; if they have any formal vocational training and whether they have passed all the required tests or not.

After checking for qualifications, your next task is to focus on the kind of jobs they have undertaken since they became functional. By that, we mean whether they have the experience of working on commercial projects or not. Someone who handles residential plumbing jobs really well may not be as adept at completing your kind of project. The two types of jobs are quite different, from the code, inspection requirements, and permit needed to complete each.

The specialization will also mean that your chosen plumbing contractor can capably handle both repairs and installation. You aren’t the expert here, so you may know whether a task that you consider to be simple repair could become a major system replacement. You don’t want to go through the whole vetting process to hire a second plumber who can handle that replacement task for you. Therefore, make sure when you check their credentials and area of specialization, you also ask the company about this.

3. Where Is the Commercial Plumbing Company Located?

Commercial plumbing companies usually serve the areas within the fifty-mile radius of their location. So, you may think you can hire one functioning anywhere in the metropolitan area. However, we’d suggest sticking with Plumbing Companies in Fort-Worth only and here are several reasons why:

  • You may be located within the same state, but different municipalities than the plumbing firm you hire. Don’t take it for granted that you’d both adhere to the same plumbing codes! Imagine hiring them for a certain job only to find out later that they can’t pull the permit for it. Depending on how quickly you need the job done, you may or may not be able to wait when putting on hold because of red tape.
  • Most plumbing professionals will add the trip fees to the price they quote you, especially if they travel long distances to get to you. For small-sized companies with a limited repair budget, this extra charge can quickly add up.

4. What Kind of Reputation Is Your Commercial Plumbing Company Known For?

There is usually only one reason why any plumbing firm will have a good name. They offer great quality services that keep their reputation from getting tarnished. Hiring a company like that increases your chances of getting the job well done. But there is another reason you should confirm if you have a professional with a proven track record. It’d be fairly easy to find out if they will give you a reasonable quotation or not.

Start by visiting their official website and dive into the section with its customers’ reviews. Next, ask them for references, so that you can talk to the reviewers – erstwhile customers – yourself. Once you are certain everything is in order, move on to discussing the contract.

A firm with nothing to hide will be willing to satisfy you on all these accounts. If they dilly dally, suspect they may be hiding something. Then look for a better one!


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