4 Useful Skin-Care Tips for Middle-Aged Women



Although you can’t stop yourself from aging and there’s no stopping the time, there are ways for you to prevent it from showing too obviously on your skin. With each year that passes, you need to adjust your skin-care goals and regimen a bit, so that your skin always looks glowing, fresh and young. As you reach your forties, some wrinkles and fine lines are bound to appear on your face, but, luckily, there are now some good and efficient ways to slow down skin aging and to keep your skin healthy for longer. Here are some tips to help you achieve this. 

1. Cleanse it Daily 

As their skin starts showing signs of aging, most women turn to makeup to cover this up. However, even if you don’t wear makeup every day or you don’t wear it at all, never go to bed without cleansing your face. Another thing you should consider is how your skin has changed. Once you turn 40, it usually becomes drier and more sensitive, meaning that the cleansers that you used 10 or 20 years ago aren’t really your best option anymore. So, choose fragrance- and soap-free products, which are gentle on your skin and don’t dry it additionally. Furthermore, an oil-based cleanser might be a good way to remove any traces of makeup, without damaging your skin. The water you wash your face with should always be lukewarm, the towels soft and you should never use them by rubbing them against your face, but rather tap them against your tender skin to dry it. 

2. Choose Skin Products Wisely 

Anything you put on your skin should be in accordance with its current needs. This means that you shouldn’t use the same cream you used when you were 20 or so. That one will probably do more harm than good on middle-aged skin. For example, your moisturizer should contain hyaluronic acid, shea butter and glycerin for skin hydration, along with antioxidants to help keep your skin tight and healthy. You should also invest in products containing retinol for evening skin-care. Retinol can be helpful with smoothing the texture of your skin and with containing hyperpigmentation. In other words, it should soften the existing fine lines and wrinkles on your face, while preventing the appearance of new ones. As far as the gentle skin around your eyes is concerned, find an eye cream which, aside from retinol, contains some hydrating ingredients, such as glycerin or hyaluronic acid. 

3. Consider Professional Treatments 

If your day-to-day skin care isn’t giving you the results you were hoping for, there are other solutions to your problems. Since age isn’t the only thing damaging your skin, but also your lifestyle and diet, as well as the elements, like strong sun or constant wind, sometimes caring for your skin can be very difficult. 
Women who live in more developed countries, such as America, some European countries or Australia, are well aware of this.

This is why, for example, Australian women will gladly visit a reliable beauty clinic in Sydney for treatments ranging from anti-wrinkle injections and ultrasound lifting and tightening, to spray tanning and cosmetic tattooing. Some of these treatments allow you to take years off your lower face and neck without surgical intervention, or to straighten your skin of wrinkles by injecting hydrating ingredients right where they’re needed the most. Sometimes asking for professional help is the best thing to do for your skin, so consider this option strongly. 

4. Protect your skin from the sun 

It’s imperative to protect your skin from the sun. This advice applies not only to middle-aged women but to every person, no matter their age or gender. The majority of the dark spots and wrinkles you can see on your skin are the result of being exposed to the sun without proper protection. Since sun can make your skin age faster, bear in mind that sunscreen isn’t something you use only when you go sunbathing, but every time you leave your home, no matter what season it is or what the weather is like. Apply it about 15 minutes before you head out and make sure you choose the sunscreen with SPF of 30 or more. Furthermore, it’s not enough to apply it only once if you’re going to stay outdoors for a while. Reapply it every few hours or so. Another thing that could help you protect your face, and especially your eyes and the skin around it, are sunglasses, while protective clothing can protect the skin on the rest of your body. 

Take the advice above, add to it a healthy diet, eight glasses of water a day and about eight hours of sleep every night, and you’ll do yourself and your skin a great favor. If you give your skin the attention it deserves, it will repay you by staying healthy and beautiful for longer.

Diana Smith

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