4 Ways to Help Yourself Out of a Slump



Everyone goes through slumps. You might not be doing great at work or your personal life might be suffering, but you know that you’re just not at your best. While there’s definitely a reasonable tendency to wallow when you’re in a slump, you can help to get yourself out. Below are four methods you might want to try to break out of your slump.

1. Take a Break


Perhaps the best way out of a slump is to just stop and take a break. It’s not too uncommon to see your performance in any area suffer because you’re overworked or over-stressed, so take a bit of time for yourself. Even taking a single day off to relax and enjoy yourself can make a huge difference, so don’t be afraid to give yourself a break.

If you don’t have the luxury of taking a whole day off to reset mentally, consider adding small breaks throughout your day to recharge on a more regular basis. If you need a rare night to yourself, ask around for a babysitter, dog sitter, housekeeper, or whoever else you might need to take a load off your plate and give you a few hours alone. Even a short amount of time can be helpful in getting you back to your normal self.

2. Assess Yourself

Another good way to deal with a slump is to figure out why you’re having a problem in the first place. You might think of your current issue as a slump, but you might really be dealing with something far different.

Figure out if your performance is dropping because you’re off your game or because you’re dealing with another issue that requires a bit more attention. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from friends and family members. A listening ear can go a long way in helping you with your self-assessment.

3. Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes you just need to shake things up. Get out there and do something you wouldn’t normally do—consult psychic medium hotlines, go bungee jumping, or just take a drive out into a new city. Shake things up in your own life so that you can get rid of the effects of a slump and see your world with new eyes. Experience can give you a new perspective on what matters or doesn’t matter, in your life. It can be scary to go outside of your comfort zone, but doing so can have a positive lasting impact.

4. Work Through It

The final method isn’t the most inspiring, but it’s often the most useful. Everyone has good days and bad days and the best way to leave the former behind is to just keep working through them. While taking a break or reimagining your life can be useful, sometimes you just need to keep your nose to the grindstone and keep working.

Don’t let feeling down and out keep you from doing some of your regularly scheduled activities. Go to the gym, make a meal, do the laundry, or whatever else is on your checklist. Maybe your workout won’t be as efficient, your meal won’t be quite as zesty, and your laundry won’t smell perfectly fresh, but it’s important to put forth an effort anyway. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. If you’re able to stay on task, you might be able to leave your slump in the dust.

Don’t be afraid to try different ways to get out of your slump. Different tools work for different people, after all, and you won’t know what works for you until you give one of these tips a try. Getting out of a slump isn’t always easy, but putting in the effort is the best way to get back on top.


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