4 Ways to Let Fresh Air Inside Your Home



It is hard to be comfortable in your house if you can’t breathe easily. Take practical steps to improve your home’s air circulation so you look forward to the fresh air coming back each day.

1. Use an Air Filter

Air filters are rated on an industry-standard scale that explains what percentage of particles they will capture. Be warned that dust can accumulate in old or broken air filters. This reduces their effectiveness. You should check your filters at least once a month. Replace them if they have become too dirty. There are air filter subscription services that will send you a new filter when you need a new one. The method for replacing them varies by location. A general rule of thumb is to turn off your central air system first.

2. Gauge the Air Pressure

Your home’s air pressure is closely related to those filters. The reading measures a number of things in your HVAC system. It covers the pressure of outward and inward airflow, as well as any resistance that airflow may encounter as it travels through your ducts. A high-pressure reading indicates that the duct system is either clogged or has been installed incorrectly. Make sure the ducts don’t sag and that they have proper insulation. This prevents air supply leakage. You can do a pressure reading yourself but leave the serious repair to the professionals.

3. Address Common Allergens

Dust mites and mold thrive in homes that are too hot and humid. Dehumidifiers go a long way towards controlling this issue. If you have a basement you should install a dehumidifier there. Put exhaust fans in your bathroom to prevent buildup after showers. Make sure there is a vent near your washing machine and dryer. The vent should direct outwards.

4. Open the Windows

This may seem like an obvious step but it’s still worth remembering. Leave your windows open for at least five minutes at a time. You should do this even when the weather is cold. This improves air circulation and makes your home less “stuffy” and humid. Air pollution can occur indoors and, depending on where you live, might even be worse than the pollution outside. Opening the windows can lower the levels of allergen or pollution that might have accumulated. Although it may seem counter-intuitive you are also supporting your HVAC system. It brings fresh air into your home instead of recycling the same air throughout the ducts.

These practical steps ensure that you can literally breathe a sigh of relief. Don’t be afraid of investing in system upkeep. It’ll provide fresh air and it’s good for your health.


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