4 Ways to Make Your Backyard an Environment for Relaxation



Turning your backyard into a wonderful oasis can actually be easier and more budget-friendly than you’d previously imagined. A stone path leading up to a well-lit patio would be a fantastic baseline for many homeowners to work around. Extras like a fountain, potted plants, or a hummingbird feeder can make your backyard feel truly magical. Whether you’re ready for a big project or want some inexpensive additions, the following tips will help you transform your backyard.

1. Create a Stone Path

If you weren’t blessed with a green thumb, then there’s no need to get upset—you can create your backyard oasis with the help of some mulch and stones. Clear the area that you’d like your path to go over then fill in the area with mulch or leveling sand (i.e., the clear-and-fill phase).

Now, consider laying the stones so that they’re about eight inches apart, or the length of most people’s smaller step. You might then want to take out your level and adjust stones in the underlying surface (mulch or sand) so that the stones are even grade. A slight positive slope, though, may facilitate drainage.

2. Build a Deck

A concrete patio or wooden deck can be much easier to build than you might at first imagine. Ideally, with a concrete patio, you would find ground that’s already fairly level so that you won’t have to regrade the surface to make the outdoor patio idea work.

Some Quikrete, basic tools (e.g., spade and circular saw), and this handy guide will be all that you need to get started. If you don’t feel totally comfortable about DIY home renovations, then you might want to contact a mason or contractor. Once you have your deck or patio, you can set it up however you’d like and add some outdoor décor to set the atmosphere. Adding mood lighting, like strung lights, can help set the tone for your exterior space as well.

3. Add Some Patio Furniture!

Patio furniture like weatherproof couches and chairs can turn a fairly drab deck into a backyard oasis in literally a few minutes. A table where everyone can enjoy meals in the summertime is definitely a plus as well. If your goal is to create a relaxing deck or patio space, find furniture with plenty of cushions for comfort. Make sure it fits your design preferences to help you feel as comfortable as possible.

Whether or not you have a pool to recline by, adding patio furniture to your deck is a surefire way to make your backyard an oasis for you, your family, and all of the friends you have over in the nicer weather.

4. Set up a Few Games

In the same way that adding some patio furniture adds an extra dimension to your deck, adding a few lawn games, like bocce ball or bags, opens the door to recreation as well as summer recreation. Your backyard decor says a lot about your priorities—make your backyard environment fun and inviting by adding a few guest-friendly lawn games.


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