4 Ways to Upgrade a Singles Mingle Party With Style



If you’re single and ready to mingle, it’s a great idea to throw some celebrations and bring your friends together. There’s nothing like a fun party that allows you to meet new people and potentially find a new romantic partner. However, if you’re throwing your own party, you might want to consider different ways to host and make the experience unforgettable. Implement the following four ideas to create an event to remember.

1. Create Your Own Cocktails

If you’re creating a themed party, you can create a custom cocktail that matches the festivities. If it’s a summer-themed party, create a summer martini filled with seasonal flavors like citrus and herbs like mint. If you’d prefer to pay someone to handle the bar for a few hours, that’s a chic way to rid yourself of the extra work. You can also set out the bar in a stylish way that allows everyone to serve themselves and even have a cocktail creation contest for the most creative and delicious mix.

2. Rent a Party Bus

If you choose to rent a party bus from a company like Cardinal Transportation Ltd., you can make it an experience that can even last a few days. You can travel to a few cities or choose to travel around the city you live in for one night. If you provide tons of snacks, great music, and entertainment, you’ll be able to have a blast. In terms of entertainment on a party bus, you can hire a stand-up comedian or a DJ. You can find fun digital games that everyone can enjoy with the use of their smartphones. As long as you get creative with your efforts, you’ll keep everyone on the edge of their party bus seats.

3. Hire a DJ

When you hire a DJ, it’s a great idea to consider referrals. If you have a specific theme in mind, you’ll want the DJ to be able to play music to fit without recycling the same songs over and over. In a diverse crowd, you may want to consider playing catchy songs from a variety of bands and styles so that everyone has a point in the party where they can jam. Taking requests can help keep the party-goers engaged, so make sure you’ve got a DJ that can be flexible with their playlist.

4. Do a Murder Mystery Dinner

A murder mystery dinner is such an interesting event to attend. A murder mystery dinner involves getting dressed up and solving a mystery regarding someone who is “killed” during the party. In most cases, people like to dress up for a murder mystery dinner by including a specific genre. This is a great theme to play off of for a one-night dinner party and ensures that no one gets left out of the conversation.

If you feel intimidated to try any of these ideas, the key is planning. If you plan the event in advance and think about all of the details, you’ll set yourself up for success. By the end of the night, make sure you go back and think about what could’ve gone smoother. As you throw more parties and improve your efforts, you’ll become more confident in your ability to throw a flawless singles mingle party with style.


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