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I’m not trying to proclaim that there should be a set of rules that women or men should follow at all times, because I don’t believe in rules or playing games. However, I wanted to list five dating tips that all women should follow, and which will hopefully help them to get that second date. Some of these dating tips can be used for men as well, but these particular tips tend to be a bigger help for women. 

1. Be Ready, and on Time

This especially goes for when your date is picking you up. But just as well, if you’re meeting your date at a certain place and at a certain time, you should be there on time. Fashionably late means five minutes late, and no more, so don’t make that an excuse. No one should have to sit there waiting while you get ready, and if anything, remember that less is more, so there’s no need to overdo things when it comes to perfection. Many times, men tend to be most attracted to those little imperfections anyway. 

2. Be Appreciative and Say Your Thank You’s

I couldn’t believe it when someone told me the other day that they go on dates all of the time, and one of the biggest things that was missing was that women would fail to say thank you for the date. It’s beyond me how people can be so unappreciative and lack the decency and the common sense to just say thank you. Saying thank you should be second nature when it comes to anyone doing anything for you, let alone going out of their way to pick you up, treat you to dinner or drinks, etc. As well, make sure that you show appreciation not only to your date, but to any waiting staff that does things for you. No one owes you anything, and you don’t deserve special treatment. You should be gracious, and show your gratitude by saying thank you. 

3. Don’t Be Self Absorbed

Let your date do some of the talking. Forget about your likes and dislikes for a second, and ask your date some questions. Find out what interests him, and what he likes, and dislikes. The world doesn’t revolve around you, how your day went, and what your preferences are. And I’m sure that if you ask him enough questions, he’ll likely reciprocate, unless he’s already done that. You’re no more a princess than your date is a prince. If you want to be treated like a princess, then treat him like a prince.

4. Don’t Turn Your Date into an Interview

Let him ask you certain questions, and don’t make him feel like he’s on an interview, because I’m sure, that’s the last thing that he wants to experience on a date. The date should be romantic, light, and fun. Don’t turn your date into an interview, where he feels as if he leaves work and is filled with excitement to see you, turns out to feel like another day on the job. 

5. Put Effort into Your Date

One person shouldn’t have to do all of the work on a date, in a relationship, in marriage, or in life. Dating and relationships are all about give-and-take. One-sided dating or relationships never work. Effort is free, it costs nothing, and you should put effort into every little thing that you do. Never half ass anything if you want great results, and that includes how you look and how you act on your date. Many men prefer the natural look or at least when a woman appears to be somewhat of a natural beauty. Having said that, many men also prefer when women don’t pound on ton of make up. However, make sure that you put a little effort into how you look, and you should always be on your best manners, and therefore, being polite is a must. 

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