5 Essentials for Your Winter Emergency Car Kit



Winter wonderlands are amazing – the way snow can completely transform your Christmas is truly extraordinary. Those first snowflakes of winter have a way of making you feel like a child again, filled with festive spirit and the magic of the season. The downside of snow is that too much of it can be destructive and make traveling a nightmare. The only way around this is to ensure that you are as prepared as possible for whatever comes your way when you’re on the road. Every responsible adult, particularly parents, needs to make sure they have an adequately stocked winter emergency car kit. That should be non-negotiable. Below are five essentials to make sure you pack in there.

1. Flashlight

Emergencies don’t have a timeframe or business hours. In fact, most emergencies tend to happen at night – when it’s dark. Being stuck on the side of the road during a blizzard is less than ideal, but it helps to have a fully charged flashlight around.

If your flashlight isn’t rechargeable, make sure that you have a new pack of batteries around as spares. As tempting as it may be when you’re at home, never use the items from this kit – it is for emergencies only.

2. Shovel

Snow tends to accumulate quickly, which is why most people in cold climates own a snow blower. If it starts to pile up outside your car, you need something to help you clear a path to and from your vehicle when your blower isn’t available. By keeping your car clearly visible, rescue teams will get to you sooner.

The most crucial places to clear a path are around the doors and the back of your car near the taillights. If your car gets stuck in the snow due to reducing tire traction, a shovel can also help to clear the way. If that doesn’t work – try cat litter.

3. First Aid Kit

If you’re stranded on the side of the road in winter, the last thing on your mind should be not being able to look after yourself or your family. A basic first aid kit is a must-have for everyone – especially families with children. 

If you take medicines daily, such as blood pressure or diabetic medications, pack spares of those too – just in case you’re stuck overnight. Spend more time learning how to siphon gas and less time worrying about scratches and scrapes.

4. Bottled Water

Having a stash of bottled water can be lifesaving in an emergency. It is notably one of the most essential emergency items to keep in your car kit this winter. It will stave off thirst and help you stay hydrated during a blizzard or storm.

Store your water in the passenger compartment of your vehicle and not in the trunk, that will help it to stay unfrozen because your car’s heater will most likely be running most of the time.

5. Jumper Cables

Never rely on another motorist to keep jumper cables for you in an emergency. They are easy to find and inexpensive and are often the difference between getting home safely or paying for a tow truck.

These items may not seem like much on their own, but together they could end up saving your life or the life of a loved one.


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