5 Exotic Destinations for a Dream Wedding



Your wedding day is one of the happiest and most important days in your life. You’re over the moon and everything is new and exciting. You can’t wait to enter this new phase of life and you want that special day to go perfectly. However, given the pressure of organizing a whole wedding, you tend to feel quite overwhelmed which can result in severe anxiety and a feeling of hopelessness. However, if you take some time to breathe and figure out a step-by-step plan, you’ll soon realize it’s not that difficult.

Our suggestion is to start by planning where the wedding will take place. We suggest choosing an exotic location for the wedding. Not only that it will mark your wedding as extremely amazing, but the organization will be much simpler if you do opt for it. If you haven’t decided yet, we’re here to present you with some amazing options in this department. After that, you’ll be absolutely convinced that a wedding abroad is just the right choice for you.

1. Long Reef Golf Club, Australia


If you are uncertain about what you want and would most rather like some sort of a compromise between a beach wedding and an urban one, we’re here to share the great news – you can have the cake and eat it, too. There is a place on the Northern Beaches just outside of Sydney that offers just that. It’s a place where you’ll be able to have the reception on the beach itself, admiring the stunning view of the ocean and natural greenery, but after that, you can play a game of golf, visit poker machines or just chill with a glass of wine and amazing food. It’s the perfect urban beach wedding venue that you’ll simply fall in love with.

2. Leeds Castle, England

On the other hand, if a countryside wedding is what you seek, then a ceremony in Leeds Castle in England may be the best fit. If those stone walls could talk, they would share quite a lot of history. Everything here is grand and meaningful and you’ll absolutely love it. The grand ballroom is simply craving for a luxurious ceremony and there are special rooms for dining, sipping champagne and dancing. If the weather is nice, you will also be able to spend some time in the beautiful gardens and see the castle vineyards, as well. It’s a very special experience.

3. Baja California, Mexico


If you dream of getting married on the sand by the sea listening to the sound of the waves and seagulls, your dream destination is Baja California coast in Mexico. The fact that it’s full of small secluded beaches makes it a perfect candidate for an intimate wedding with no one else around. It will make you feel like you and your guests are alone in the world with only sand and the waves. It’s almost surreal. However, it is a known wedding destination and you won’t have a problem organizing the rest of your wedding as there are venues near the beach or terraces on top of beaches where you can have the actual party. Although, the reception is held on the beach and it’s an amazing movie-like scenery brought to life.

4. Tribeca Rooftop, New York City

Some people try to get away from all the city chaos, while others love to embrace it. If you’re the really urban type, you may want to get married on the top of the metropolis with all the eyes of the concrete jungle pointed at you and your significant other. It’s the glammest of the glam and it’s insanely romantic. Imagine looking over the Manhattan skyline and Hudson river while dancing on the happiest night of your life. Doesn’t it sound magical? The place can host about 400 guests, so it can probably satisfy your appetites. It’s available all year round, but it would be best if you booked it in spring or fall when the weather is nice so you can enjoy the terrace to the fullest.

5. Helena Bay Lodge, New Zealand


This wonderful sight of water and rocks with a breathtaking sunset are guaranteed to sweep you off your feet. These hotels have their own strip of private coastline. They only allow 10 guests at a time, so it’s safe to say they are the winners of intimate weddings. Having said that, if you’re looking to elope with just your closest friends and family, Helena Bay Lodge is the perfect wedding venue for you. The sunsets here are jaw-dropping, so a sunset wedding is our warm recommendations. The moments you capture here will definitely be cherished for life.

Everything is easy when you take it one step at a time. As you can see, first determine how big of a wedding do you want and where you want it held. After that, focus on that type and it will be easier to eliminate other choices until you finally reach your ideal one. Repeat the process for every aspect of the wedding and you’ll be guaranteed to have an exotic wedding everyone will be talking about for years to come.


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