5 Mini Resolutions for a Fabulous Summer



Resolutions are generally reserved for the beginning of each new year, but let’s face it, there is something in the air at the beginning of each new year that makes us create crazy and at times downright unattainable goals which we eventually give up on because the pressure is simply too big. Summer, however, is vastly different from winter and the holiday excitement. It a breezy, yet somehow more rational time in our lives when we get to really unwind, clear our minds and make resolutions we can actually keep. The resolutions themselves are also of a different variety, as summer comes with its own set of rules and goals, which makes this the perfect time to make mini summer resolutions that you will most certainly keep and consequently feel joyful and proud of yourself for achieving.

Steal it if you must

There are some lucky people out there whose schedules are clear and open most of the time. However, these humans are a rarity as most of us are just doing the best we can to juggle work, perhaps school, family and some form of a social life that there is little to no time left to spend with just yourself. Well, it’s high time you take your schedule board or planner and carve out some ‘me time’. This time is to be spent doing things that bring you the most joy – having a long bath, taking a walk around your favorite neighborhood, 
meditating or going for a full-on pampering session that includes a relaxing and de-stressing massage and a nice facial. Nothing makes you feel as rejuvenated and rebooted as this, so steal the time if you can’t find it and make the ‘me’ time happen, and make sure you make it a habit, not a one-time thing.

Flaunt that summer body


Have you seen the internet-famous quote about beach bodies – ‘How to get a beach body? Have a body and take it to the beach.’ The 
body positivity movement has never been stronger and it’s high time you get on board this train that has been waiting for you for years now. As long as you’re healthy, you should feel confident and beautiful in the body and the skin you live in. Dare to wear things you never thought you could pull off and stop wearing those grandma-looking bathing suits. We all have flaws, so this summer make a vow to get into an amazing swimsuit you’ve always dreamed of wearing but never dared to try. There are amazing, chic and sexy swimsuit options all around you – one of them being the super versatile and trendy Seafolly Active Swim line that will make everyone at the pool or the beach give you the two-syllable ‘daamn’ (if not out loud, then at least in their heads). So, get out of your head and start loving your body, whether it’s petit, apple- or pear-shaped. Don’t make us call Ashley Graham to give you a lesson on self-love.

Just go


has the power to expand your horizons, recharge your batteries and just make your soul feel at ease. You don’t have to go anywhere far, you don’t have to break the bank to get to a tropical destination. This little trip can be to just your neighboring city or state. The important thing about this trip is that the destination should be a place you haven’t ever been to before. Have a meal in a place you’ve never eaten at before, walk down unfamiliar streets, and just enjoy the thrill of the new, even if the new is a 2-hour drive away.

You know you want to

There is a 90 percent chance that you have a passion for something and you haven’t dared to share it with anyone, and it’s time to spill the beans. What is it – would you like to improve your photography skills, learn a new language, take cooking or any other classes? Whatever it is, just go for it. Hobbies make life more interesting, and they make you a more interesting and richer person. Aside from spending time doing something that you love, your hobbies make for great conversation starters. Plus, most classes, such as photography or language courses, are more affordable in the summer so it’s a total win-win.

Hop to it already

Most of us are guilty of the same ol’ crime – we buy stacks of books whether online or at brick-and-mortar shops and then we just put them on the shelf next to the others and admire our collection (and sometimes take great Instagram pics of them). Then we don’t read them, but that doesn’t stop us from buying and admiring new books. Let’s make a resolution right here and right now. Perhaps your collection has gotten too big to finish by the end of the summer, but make a solemn vow that you will start reading the books you own starting tonight and that you will not make another purchase until the last one standing is finished.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to these five. These can serve to just get you started. Think of these mini resolutions as catalysts for more tiny and doable ones. Remember, each one makes you feel that much more content and accomplished, so don’t stop at five.

Amy Mia Goldsmith

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