5 Things All Fit Millennials Have in Common




Millennials are considered to be one of the fittest generations. There are lots of different reasons for this, but at the centre of it is a very specific kind of fitness philosophy. The workout regimes of Australian youths don’t resemble the regimes of their parents and grandparents. The internet has given them insight into how to better themselves while also improving their bodies. Here are some interesting things that millennial fitness enthusiasts have in common.

1. They Take On a Different Mindset


For many, working out starts when you enter the gym and ends when you leave it. It’s another chore that you spend a couple of hours a week doing. However, this isn’t the right way to look at fitness.

Many young Aussie millennials see fitness as a part of their life and mindset. They don’t just spend a couple of hours doing Pilates or working out at the gym, everything they do echoes their fitness mentality. When they’re at work, they will probably take the stairs if they aren’t carrying anything. Walks and bike rides become preferable alternatives to taking the bus or going by car.

2. They Don’t Use the Word “Diet”

The classical meaning of the word diet has become twisted into something entirely different from the original meaning. People think of diets as a temporary solution that will influence their long-term eating problems. However, it doesn’t really work like that.

If you ask a young Canberran about how they view their diet and nutrition, they will say that it’s just part of their everyday lives. If you want to keep your body lean and fit, the changes you make have to be permanent. Crash diets don’t work nearly as well as simply adapting to a healthier lifestyle.

3. Setbacks Don’t Mean Anything

“All or nothing” is a very common mentality in today’s fast-paced world. If you aren’t sticking to something with the utmost dedication, you probably aren’t going to reach your goals. Missing a day in the gym means losing motivation to go any further. This line of thinking is the doom of many fitness regimes. It’s a very black and white way to look at any kind of progress.

Younger generations aren’t distraught when they make mistakes. They view it as a natural part of progress and they tend to move on instead of treating it as a setback.

4. They Have a Fitness Routine That They Fully Enjoy


People tend to view fitness with a very narrow lens. The average joe sees gyms and running as the only two options when it comes to working out. Yoga is another acceptable option, but that’s where the line is usually drawn. Nowadays, there are a bunch of cool options available for someone that is interested in fitness.

Millennials tend to view their workouts as more than just a physical exercise. It has to be something that will improve their mental state and counteract their sedentary lifestyle. Many of them are overworked overachievers that feel like they need a bit of whole body functional strength work in their fitness regime. They try to take great care of their body and mental state, which is why they might sign up for
classes of Pilates Can fit program to try to challenge their bodies at different intensity levels… As long as the regime is as fun as it is productive, you will find millennials that support it.

5. They Combine Socializing and Fitness

Fitness enthusiasts can be separated into two groups: those that enjoy working out in the company of others, and those who don’t. Millennials usually fall into the former group. It’s very common for young people to work out in group sessions.
Fitness classes have risen in popularity in the past few years. They are available for a variety of exercise regimes. Things like yoga, Pilates, and even cardio are usually covered with the help of a professional trainer. It’s a great way to make friends while also making some great gains.

It’s hard to argue against the way millennials approach fitness. They combine mental and physical health into one whole. Workouts are done in groups and friends are made along the way. Dedication is looked at from a less strict angle. Their reputation as the fittest generation can tell you that there must be something to this philosophy that is worth checking out.

Mianna Korben

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