5 Things That Will Cheer You up at Any Time



There are many ways that we can lift our spirits or even to help others lift theirs. I decided to write up a small list of ways to help brighten our days, and make us feel happier. Doing some of these activities can not only take you out of your daily thoughts, but they are things that can distract you, and give your mind and your soul a little vacation. Unfortunately, some people don’t get to go on vacation as frequently as they’d like to on the account of work, family, or for whatever other reasons. But, you should always do your best to find a way to spoil yourself, and give yourself a couple of hours at the very minimum of some of these basic ideas.

1. Take a Beach Day

Let the wind hit your face. Walk or jog along the water. Look at the ocean. Take it in and let go of everything. Take a deep breath and appreciate your life, and try to indulge in that very moment. Throw your anxiety, worries, and fears out into the ocean, and let them be gone. Give yourself this moment to embrace the ocean, the sand, the breeze, and the sky. Let go of any sorrow and pain, and enjoy your beach day.

2. Run, Run, Run

Get those endorphins moving! Get up, get out, and run. Forget the treadmill. Go outside and breathe in the air of life. Bring some music with you if it will help you to relax, or simply listen to the beat of your heart as you run. Running is a great way to clear your mind, and you’ll feel amazing as soon as you finish. I recommend to run in a place where you can admire the surrounding nature, so that you can appreciate it’s beauty. It can be very relaxing.

3. Go to a Comedy Club

One of the best places to go to laugh is a comedy club. Even if the comedian isn’t funny. If you can open your heart and your mind up enough, you’ll laugh anyway by merely hearing others laugh. Bring someone with you so you can laugh together. One of the best ways to feel good is to laugh. You can even turn on some comedy at home if it’ll make you smile.

4. Outdoor Activities

If you’re feeling blue or simply want a good boost of positive energy, you can all sorts of things. For one, you could always read my Daily Inspiration articles on this website or Anne Cohen, or you can go outside and be physically active. Just being out and about, and enjoying a nice walk in the park, a bike ride by the ocean, going fishing, or doing some water sports can be fun. Perhaps, even going on a nice drive and enjoying a daytime road trip, listening to your favourite tunes could cheer you up. Those things can definitely lift your spirits. As well, the earlier you get out of the house, the better it will be. Especially, if you can embrace some of G-d’s early morning sunlight on your skin. Early morning sun provides Vitamin D, and is known to be truly healing of any depression or sadness that you might be feeling.

5. Eat Some Chocolate

Yes, you heard me right. Eat chocolate, and indulge. Eat it in moderation of course, and preferably anything over 70 percent rich in cocoa (it’s better for you, and it’s on the Raw Detox Diet). Eating chocolate will give you some extra pep in your step. It’s hard to be down while eating chocolate. Even better, have some while watching a comedy.

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10 thoughts on “5 Things That Will Cheer You up at Any Time

  1. I love the comedy aspect! That’s why I say laughter is the best medicine!

    Wonderful article and keep it up.

  2. Running or any sort of exercise is such an instant mood booster. It’s sometimes hard to get yourself up and going but once you do, it changes your outlook completely.

  3. I could definitely use a beach day! As soon as all of the ashes get cleaned up from this awful fire in Cali.Great post!

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