5 Tips for Creating Team Spirit in Your Company



While it is true that some companies have team spirit while others lack it, these things seldom happen on random or for no good reason. You see, team spirit is something that you need to vehemently work on. Sure, this is not something that you can achieve on your own but with the right plan, it can be fairly easy to get everyone on board, especially seeing as how this is in everyone’s best interest. With that in mind, here are five tips that should help you create team spirit.

1. Establish a Teamwork-Based Company Culture

Your first goal needs to be the creation of a teamwork-based company culture. The first thing you need to do in order to achieve this is to create a situation where teamwork is recognized and rewarded instead of individual effort. Second, you need to understand that every company has its history, even its folklore and at the center of each of these stories, the moral needs to involve teamwork in some way. Lastly, team-based feedback needs to be a company norm.

2. Hire People Who Fit Into This Culture

As soon as you establish a company culture, you need to include this factor in your hiring policy. In other words, instead of hiring people with stellar performance record, what you need to do is look for those who would fit well into your company culture and prioritize hiring them. This way, you’ll keep the internal team unity, thus making it into a more homogenous unit. Moreover, this will do wonders for your talent retention efforts, seeing as how people who fit in with the community seldom decide to leave.

3. Efficient Internal Organization

Another great way of creating team spirit lies in the individualization of your teams. Even if they belong to a similar department, what you should do is make sure that each team is an entity of its own. For instance, if your employees wear name badges, what you can do is ensure that there are different badges for each team. This gives your employees a stronger sense of belonging to their team and boosts internal loyalty. Furthermore, it helps you out with identifying and differentiating amongst your own employees.

4. Hold Teams Accountable, Not Individuals


One of the reasons why some companies have a strong back-stabbing atmosphere is due to the fact that it is individuals that are praised and held responsible. This creates an every-man-for-himself scenario where people are too frightened to stand up for the team and prioritize remaining blameless for a failed project or try to grab all the credit for themselves. The simplest way to avoid this scenario is to hold teams accountable instead of individuals and to hand out rewards in the same manner. Once they see that internal competitiveness and back-stabbing won’t get them anywhere, the majority of your employees will refrain from this kind of behavior.

5. Efficient Conflict Resolution

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable, seeing as how it’s one of the most basic aspects of human behavior. However, it’s important to know that it’s your job to create an efficient conflict resolution system. Your employees shouldn’t be afraid to speak up or to defend their beliefs, yet, you need to make sure that this doesn’t get blown out of proportion. If need be, train your HR representative in the art of mediation, as well as instruct your team leaders on how to behave in these scenarios. This way, you’ll have all the mechanisms necessary to cope with these dangerous scenarios.


The last thing you need to understand is that team spirit isn’t just something that can boost your company’s productivity. It’s also something that makes people happy to be in your employ, as well as something that will make them stay with you until the very end. In other words, creating team spirit in your company needs to become a top priority.


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