5 Tips for Making Long Distance Relationship Work



Spending time together is the favorite thing in the world for every single person who is in love. The problem is that this may not always be a possibility. Sometimes, these lovers are separated by various special circumstances, which causes them to (temporarily) live in distant locations from one another. This will be a major test that these lovers will have to face and if their love manages to endure despite such odds, they’ll be able to learn a lot about both themselves and their relationship. Here are five tips that may help you to make this all work out for the best.

1. Always Ask About Their Day

One of the easiest ways to kill a relationship is to make it all about yourself. Sending kisses and engaging in romantic discourse may be just what the partner needs, yet, when communicating over a long distance, you should never assume such a thing. Start by feeling out their mood first and the best way to do so is to ask about their day. If you’re their confidante (as you should be), they won’t be able to wait to share with you all that happened to them throughout the day. You don’t really have to format the question this way. In fact, there are so many great alternatives to this generic question that you could ask instead.

This will also send a message that you’re putting them first, as well as keep you informed about what’s going on in their life at the moment. Remember, as long as you’re the one they’re sharing their concerns and troubles with, your relationship is in an emotionally stable and reliable state. Needless to say, a healthy relationship is always reciprocal and if they start showing a lack of interest in how your day went, something might be wrong about this whole situation. One more thing worth mentioning is the fact that this particular piece of advice applies to traditional relationships, as well.

2. Coordinate Your Schedules

When you’re far apart, it will be quite easy for you to misinterpret your priorities. You see, both you and your partner will have different schedules, yet, sometimes it will be quite hard to find time for one another. Depending on the distance between partners, you might even be in a different time zone, which will make maintaining contact even more difficult. Nonetheless, where there’s will, there’s always a way, and you need to find a way to coordinate your schedules no matter how hard it may be. Due to the fact that this is so complex, it needs to be a priority for both parties. Inability to find time for your partner is usually an indicator of a larger problem and is definitely something to be concerned about.

3. Small Gestures Are Becoming Huge All of a Sudden

The thing you need to understand about gestures is the fact that they’re always the most welcome when they’re unexpected or require extra effort to accomplish. This is why in a long-distance relationship you might get a chance to shine and fully show your affection. For instance, getting your significant other some flowers is always a romantic thing to do, yet, it’s even more impressive when you find a way to do so while half-a-continent away.

Imagine a scenario where you’re in Sydney and your loved one is in Perth. The last thing they expect you to do is to find a reliable flower delivery Perth service and have the bouquet sent over to their current address. Nowadays, in the era of the internet, such a thing is easier than ever. These small signs of affection are something that can significantly strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

4. Don’t Over-Plan Your Time in Person

Even though you probably won’t be able to wait for your partner to arrive and will aim to use every last second of your time together to the fullest, it’s quite easy to mishandle this meeting and turn it into a chore. Having a tight schedule with no room for spontaneity is something that can ruin the moment. Keep in mind that having plans isn’t necessarily bad but trying to plan out these couple of days may have an adverse effect.

What you need to focus on is some one-on-one time, which is why not leaving the room the entire weekend, talking, watching movies and cuddling may be far superior to the idea that you currently have in mind. Just because something is simple and ordinary, doesn’t mean that it isn’t just what you need at the moment.

5. Never End a Conversation With an Argument

While this is nearly impossible to achieve in some scenarios, you need to understand the fact that ending a conversation in an argument will give both parties a lot of time to overthink the entire situation. Needless to say, this seldom ends well. In order to avoid a situation in which this becomes a serious problem, you need to try and always end an argument on a high note. We’re also not suggesting that you need to avoid conflict at all costs, just try to wrap up your argument in the same session, instead of continuing to bicker where you left off the next time you meet on a face call or start chatting.

In Conclusion

The very last piece of advice that you need to consider is the fact that making a long-distance relationship work is a lot of effort and it might not even be worth it. If it’s someone you love, getting up in the middle of the night to face-cam with the person won’t be that much of a hassle, in fact, you may not be able to wait for it every single day. However, if you’re uncertain about your feelings or feel that all of this is overwhelming (or simply too much), chances are that you need to reexamine your motivation for staying in the relationship in the first place. On the bright side, all of this effort, endurance and struggle may strengthen the bond between you and your partner.


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