5 Tips To Plan the Perfect Dream Wedding



Your wedding day should be one of the most special days of your life. With careful planning, you can make the most of this occasion and possibly avoid certain problems that could take some of the enjoyment out of the day. If you want to plan the best wedding possible, these five tips can help you prepare better for the big event.

1. Create Your Guest List

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make is who to invite to your wedding. You’ll naturally want your closest family members and friends there, but you may also need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of inviting certain people and possibly pare down your guest list. You may additionally want to allow room for some guests to bring a plus-one to the event. You might even consider allowing your parents and the parents of your soon-to-be spouse to choose some of the guests.

2. Choose a Venue

The venue that you choose should be large enough to fit all your guests without being so big that it leaves you with too much empty space for your ceremony. Many banquet halls rent space out for marriage ceremonies and receptions and also provide catering. You can also get married in a wedding chapel if you want something that’s more traditional. Many chapels that host weddings even provide optional rental equipment, such as tables, chairs, and archways as well as ceremonial items like candleholders, flower girl baskets, and ring pillows.

3. Decide on Decorations

To create your dream wedding, you’ll want beautiful decorations set up in the venue to help capture the special feeling. You can display arrangements of roses, orchids, and other classic wedding flowers along walls and archways and also place these arrangements on tabletops and over the backs of chairs. Table runners and stylish napkins can also make your setting more decorative. Lit candles can give the venue a romantic glow. You may even consider getting some crystal chandeliers for your event if the venue doesn’t already have them.

4. Choose the Food

After the formal marriage ceremony, people will likely be hungry and want to eat some satisfying food. You should decide if you want a buffet-style wedding with foods like chicken wings and sandwiches or a plated meal featuring steak, salmon, or another high-quality dish that’s served by the waitstaff. You can also order a traditional wedding cake or cookie, brownie, or waffle setup if you want something different.

5. Be Realistic About Your Budget

You’ll also need to think about how much your wedding will cost, and this will be especially important if you and your partner will be paying for the event yourselves. The costs of the wedding venue, food, and any wedding planners that you may want to use should all be included in your budget. The officiant who performs your wedding will also likely charge a fee. A fixed budget should be set in advance perhaps with a little wiggle room if you happen to spend more money than expected. An online wedding budget program that tallies up your total expenses can additionally be used to help keep you from overspending.

The right planning can help make your wedding day more memorable for all the right reasons. Even though you may dread having to plan out all the details, doing so will be to your advantage in the end.

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