5 Useful Tips To Help You Choose the Perfect Rug for Your Kitchen



Putting up a perfect kitchen takes a lot of time, effort, and careful consideration. Out of the three, the last mention is probably the hardest to tackle. Take, for instance, something as simple as a kitchen rug. Most people tend to write them off as a simple afterthought. But, if you pay closer attention, their impact on everything ranging from appearance to functionality is immeasurable. In the end, they might just be the only puzzle piece we miss to set up our ideal home. Let us make sure that is not the case and see how to nail this small but incredibly important kitchen detail.

1. Make Sure the Rug Fits the Décor

When it comes to picking kitchen rugs, picking up something that fits the overall décor is the first and probably the last consideration for most of us. That is why we are going to move it off the table first. So, be sure to stylishly mix the tones. Also, don’t forget to pick the colors that will complement each other. For instance, ebony clay and barley go hand in hand with mercury and Oslo grey. Similarly, carrot and river bed are a perfect match for Carrara marble and Venice blue. If you want to be sure you have made the right pick, you can always try using some of the popular color matching tools.

2. Pick the Rug That Features the Right Size

Most of the rectangular mats that are located in front of the sink are no bigger than the standard 2 by 3 feet size. Don’t feel constrained by these measures, and be free to look for something that offers more coverage. If that’s the case, measure the length of the galley, subtract 3 to 6 inches on each side. You will get a perfect runner to fill in the available space but still, be easy to clean. And if you are looking for a piece you will put under the table? The general rule of thumb is that the rug should cover the area of the table and the additional 3 to 4 feet around. So you can slide in the chairs.

3. Choose Materials Appropriate for the Purpose

Here, you will have to choose between convenience and maintenance. The rugs that go under the table usually fall into the first group and are made to make space feel cozier – like the units you can find in the assortment of quality rugs from NZ. So, knock yourself out and feel free to warm your feet. A regular vacuum cleaner will be able to easily deal with crumbs and small food particles. As for the rugs near the sink, we advise that you go with something more utilitarian. For instance, flatweave cotton rugs are very durable, machine washable, and can withstand quite a lot of foot traffic.

4. Think About the Safety

Not all rug materials play along with all floor surfaces. As a matter of fact, some combinations are so slippery that when you put them together, they present clear and present danger. That is why you should make sure that all the bigger rugs feature a non-slip backing. That will keep the unit firmly in place even if you spread it over the laminate or some slippery tiles. As for flatweave rugs, oriental rugs, and other usual suspects, you can make them more secure with rubber shelf liners, rug tapes, rug tapes, Same goes for regular double-sided tapes that you can find in any specialized store.

5. Experiment With Different Textures

Once you make a final decision about one color pattern, you can do a lot to revive your dining room. Do that by experimenting with different textures. Have you ever considered using standing mats? You definitely should since they are incredibly pleasant to stand on. They are also even easier to maintain. Speaking purely from a design standpoint, they make a pleasant contrast with warm and fuzzy soft units used in parts of the room that don’t see that much foot traffic. If you want to reinforce this juxtaposition, you can pick contrasting colors to match the textures and turn your kitchen into true monochromatic heaven.

We hope these few tips gave you some idea about the ways you can use to find the perfect rug for your perfect kitchen. Most people don’t spend too much time thinking about this simple element but believe us. Making a wrong choice can ruin all the hard work you have put into setting up the room so far. So, make sure you nail this one and make your kitchen live up to the title of the most important room in the house.

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