5 Vintage Bedroom Ideas


5 Vintage Bedroom Ideas

A bedroom is the most private and personal room in a home and that makes it well suited to vintage design. The vintage look can be both stylish and interesting and soothing and peaceful as a bedroom still needs to fulfill its main purpose.

There are two ways to achieve a vintage look. You could simply mimic such an aesthetic by using modern materials and modern items or you could go for authenticity and actually use retro furniture that you’ve repaired and made usable.

1. Flooring

Floors are usually what binds a room together and create an overall aesthetic more than any other piece of furniture could. Hardwood floors could be made to look retro by choosing the right paint, but it’s best not to use authentic wood since it will be too complicated to repair and won’t be as well isolated as modern material wood.

Retro rugs are also a great addition to the bedroom and they could easily be found at local sales. These rugs look especially well when they are under a vintage bed and when the two contrast each other in terms of design.

2. Headboards

The vintage look of the bed pretty much depends on the headboard since it’s the part of the bed that’s the most noticeable and visible at all times. It’s best not to try to find a vintage headboard that’s kept in good condition but to make one yourself.

All you need is a measuring tape and woodworking equipment. It’s also useful if you know how you plan to decorate so that the headboard fits with the room overall. It’s also possible to hire a local woodworker to do this work for you. That way, you can fiddle with the design and make changes when you need to.

3. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important features of a bedroom because you want to keep the room comfortable and functional to use but still make it dimmable so that you can easily start your evening routine. This is best accomplished by adding roller blinds that work especially well with a vintage style and are reminiscent of the ‘50s and ‘60s era aesthetic.

Light fixtures could also be chosen to fit this aesthetic and to appear to be retro. The bulbs themselves, however, should remain modern and chosen based on how much energy they are using and wasting.

4. Storage Space

A bedroom needs to have plenty of storage space and it’s easily noticeable when it’s lacking in it. There are ways to use this mundane feature and make it into something interesting and in line with your overall aesthetic. For instance, using old suitcases for this purpose can really add a touch of whimsy to your room.

Once the storage is made out of old suitcases, the whole room could take on this aesthetic related to travel. Try to accompany them with maps and photos for your own travels and that will give you a theme.

5. Bare Walls

An industrial-style bedroom works great with vintage furniture and décor. The two contrast each other but they don’t clash in a way that would make it difficult for you to use the room to rest and sleep. The easiest way to accomplish such a look is to expose brick walls instead of having a neat coat of paint.

This also allows you to keep the heat pipes exposed and generally keep your bedroom as scarcely decorated as you can. This needs to be accompanied with the furniture and décor that will balance it out.


A vintage bedroom can be a great look. It adds interest and allows you to show off your creative side when designing the room, but it also fulfills its main purpose which is to be a room you can relax in and sleep. Lighting is, therefore, its essential feature and you need to find a way to have enough natural light but still keep the room dim.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with this room a bit, probably adding vintage features to your bed and to your storage space. Most of their work could be done by you or by local woodworkers.

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