5 Ways to Bring Back the Love After Arguments


We should always find ways to improve our relationships. Especially, our romantic ones. And sure, I can give you just any list of a few things that you can do to improve your relationship. However, I’m hoping to make this article a little bit spicier by giving you some ways that you can bring back the love for those couples that have struggled in some serious hard times with one another, and are fighting to make it through. 

One of the main reasons that couples usually stay in an unhappy relationship is because of the love that they share with one another. And yes, there are always other reasons that couples might stay together even when they’re unhappy, like having children or even for the sake of keeping their promises, and holding onto their commitment to one another for what that commitment stands for. Having said that, when we stay in unhappy relationships, part of our love feels as if it’s nearly gone at times, when we are hurt or upset with our partner.

But don’t get me wrong, just because you may feel that the love is dissipating at times, if the love was real, it never really goes away. When your partner does or says something that hurts your feelings, or even when they mess up big time, things can be improved and even fixed at times, when given a certain type of love. And when you start to question the love that your partner feels for you and that you feel for them, it’s either there or it isn’t, and eyes never lie. Or at least, so I’ve been told.

Pay close attention to the following list, so that you’ll have somewhat of a better idea on things needed to bring about more happiness in your relationship after having gone through some difficult times with your partner.

1. The Desire to Improve

The first step is to desire to improve the happiness within your relationship. And as well having the desire to create more happiness for you as a couple, you should also have the desire to create happiness in your partner, and even in yourself. After that first big step, and finding the will to improve and create more happiness, you should be willing to put effort into doing whatever it takes to get to that point. You need to be willing to go that extra mile, and give it your best shot. It’s only when couples start to give up, after failed attempt, and failed attempt, that it gets harder and harder to find that will or desire to improve. So first and foremost, never lose the desire to improve. 

2. Focus on the Positive

The next thing that couples can do to help bring back the love in their relationship, is to remember the good times, concentrate on the positive things that they have as a couple, and think of all of the happy moments that you and your partner have shared in the past. And in the process, kill those negative thoughts of past arguments or fights, because if you’ve already worked out those issues, you should strive towards putting those things in the past, because they’ll only bring up bad memories and negativity, and they’ll make it harder to move on with a fresh start. Therefore, it’s imperative to focus on the good that you share with your partner, and let that drive and inspire you towards becoming even better.

Love brings love, kind acts bring kind acts, and doing sweet gestures inspires others to do them for you as well. They say that “you get what you give in relationships,” and they say that, because it’s true. Focus on your own actions and be selfless, instead of worrying about how your partner is going to act. Set an example, be the best version of yourself, and remember that your ultimate goal is to improve the happiness that you’ll share. Remember that you’re desiring to bring about a smile to your partner’s face, and even to embrace one yourself. 

3. Find the Funny

Another way that couples can bring back the love, is to find the funny in everything. O.K., maybe not in everything, but at least, couples should try really hard to keep laughter and smiles in their relationship. You don’t have to be a comedian in order to be funny. All you have to do is have a light-hearted way about you. And the more relaxed and calm that you are, and the more love that you feel for your partner, the more that you’re going to be able to embrace just how compatible you are, and feel the desire to create happiness. And despite any hard times that you might’ve recently gone through, you can always find ways to bring back the love and laughter in your relationship.

When the love was there from the get go, even if there were tremendous hurts and wrongdoings done to you, you can always find ways to smile with one another, even by watching a silly slapstick comedy together. And if nothing else, just be open to being silly and cute. Anyone can be cute, it’s not about how you look necessarily. But more so, it’s about the way that you act and come across to others. One of the best ways of bringing some laughter and smiles into your love life once again, is by being easy-going, and creating positive energy, and good vibes. Even sporting a smile on your face can bring about a smile on your partner’s face. Smiles are catchy, and so is laughter. 

4. Be True to Your Word

Another way that couples can bring back the love, is by working on their issues, keeping their promises, and not making the same mistakes from the past, that I’m sure you had likely hashed out when you were arguing. When someone sees that you’re not only saying you’re going to work on your issues, but when they see that you actually do work on them, and you come across as this new and improved version of yourself, it will bring much peace and happiness in your partner.

As well, when you see that your partner is truly making a change for the better, make sure that you give them enough positive reinforcement, and acknowledge how proud of them you are. You should always be proud of your partner for everything positive that they do in life, including self-improvement, and any effort that they put towards bringing about more happiness to your relationship.

5. Make Love

Last, but definitely not least, love-making. Come on, did you really think that I wouldn’t have mentioned making love as one of the top five ways to bring back the love? I’m pretty sure you knew that this one was coming! Someone has a dirty mind—YOU, not me! When couples make up from an argument, closeness is imperative. It’s like sealing things with a kiss. I mean, after all, you will need a way to seal the deal right? Show your partner how much you love and adore them. Be affectionate, wrap your arms around one another, hold hands, let your feet touch in bed, and if you are already intimate with one another, embrace the love that you feel for your partner. 

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