5 Ways to Make a Grand Entrance at Your Wedding Reception



When we have finally picked out the date for the most magnificent night of our lives when we have found the outfit, the band, the venue, not many things have left to be done. Or has it? Making a spectacular entrance at your wedding reception will certainly enliven the party and sparkle out the craze. Here are some exhilarating and fun ways to make an entrance at your wedding reception. 

1. Make a Blast

Even if some people reckon that fireworks, firecrackers, and sparkles are more convenient for a birthday party or for a New Year’s Eve, your wedding is your special event that happens once in a lifetime. So, why not make a fiery entrance? You can get various 
types of fireworks such as roman candles, party poppers, aerial bursts, or sparkles, and have a friend or a waiter lit them up as you arrive. You can also have a steaming fuse blow as you approach accompanied with the firecrackers. Everybody will be stunned and excited, and you will definitely feel content, and ready to get the party rolling. 

2.  Smooth and Elegant 


Since many wedding venues in Australia are held either near the beach, at some luxurious hotel, or on a cliff overlooking the ocean, both you and the guests will likely need to drive to the reception. Well, that’s quite a normal thing. However, why not scale everything up and add a touch of style and elegance to your entrance and enter to your wedding reception in a fabulous and classy car. Nowadays, you can find classic wedding cars in Sydney to hire for an elegant entrance. All your guests will be startled by seeing you approaching in a beautiful and sophisticated vehicle. 

3. Seize the Nature 

If you know and have already booked a wedding reception out in nature, then there are a few ways to make a grand entrance. If you are next to a river or lake, then you can enter in a small boat, and have a bend or string orchestra play your favorite love tune. Plus, you can enter in a stunning mid-century white carriage. That can be absolutely gorgeous, especially if you decorate the horses and the carriage. Or why not fly in? Yes, you read it well! If you have enough space next to your wedding reception, you 
can come down in a hot air balloon. It is a one-of-a-kind experience, and truly a memorable way to enter. 

4. Create a Performance 

One way to create a splasher at your wedding is to take full advantage of the architectural amenities of the location. If there are many distinctive disco and other lights, use them as you enter. Make sure that you also bust some moves as you enter. It doesn’t matter if you might have two left feet, you can learn some easy dance moves, and let the band play a groovy song and dance your way in as the lights sparkle all around. All eyes will naturally be drawn upon your arrival without a doubt. 

5. Traditional, and yet Magical 


If you don’t like to be in the center of attention, you still yearn to make a grand entrance, there is no need to stress about it because there is a solution to that as well. Go completely traditional, and as a groom lift your bride in a classical manner, spin her around a little bit, and bow to your guests as you enter. Have a DJ play a song that is meaning for your relationship and simply walk hand-in-hand.

The most important thing is to have fun as you approach the reception, and focus only on seizing the moment and having the time of your life.


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