5 Ways to Power Up Your Summer Self-Esteem



Don’t we all just love summer? A wonderful season, so full of sun, warmth, bright outfits, vacations, sexy swimsuits that show off your every single flaw… Ah. Well. That does spoil the picture a bit, doesn’t it? Even if you’re a slim, gorgeous supermodel who literally does this for a living, chances are that the crazy media culture we live in has left an impact on your confidence.

Even very minor imperfections can really make you anxious, and what’s the point of even going on a summer vacation if you’re going to feel self-conscious and scared of your own body the entire time? Girl, no. That won’t do at all. We’re not letting you get away with low self-esteem for this season. So, sit down, let’s have a chat right now.

Cutting down on junk

Dieting really doesn’t need to be nearly as wretched as you make it out to be. The reason we always crave those 
high-calorie processed foods is that they’re full of additives and substances that kind of make you addicted. At one point you stop eating because you’re hungry; you’re just eating to get your next fix of sugar and good mood, which you relate to wolfing down a doughnut. When you switch to healthier things, it takes a while for your body to adjust to, well, normal food.

However, once you get used to eating well, once you cut down on sugar, you’re going to start loving it. Try eating some superfoods, like blueberries with Greek yogurt for a dose of antioxidants, or try wholegrain toast with cream cheese, tuna, and avocado. Make a stir-fry with veggies, chicken, and brown rice, and prepare your meals for work so you wouldn’t rely on the vending machine for sustenance. 
Here are some recipes that you can try that are delicious and won’t make your diet one bland chore.

Fit and toned through fun

Bike rides, swimming, dancing, yoga, and any other sport or activity is encouraged because the trick is really all about finding something that you love doing, and that you definitely won’t be able to find excuses for. Busy? Great, stay at home and do 30-minute workouts. Bored? Fine, skip the gym and go learn how to kick butt in martial arts. Hate stuffiness and sweat? Splendid, go running outside. Can’t focus on counting and repetitions? Fine as well, get a stationary bike and ride it at home while you listen to music or watch YouTube videos. Work with your own schedule and preferences, not against them.

Dress like a diva


Girl, fashion is all about fun. It’s not just for models, and hiding behind oversized shirts is boring as hell, not to mention unflattering. You get to wear fun stuff, believe us, so don’t be afraid to branch out and try the things you otherwise wouldn’t dare. Going on a vacation? Get yourself some ridiculously sexy designer swimwear, a silk kimono, and a wide-brimmed hat. Slip out of your sandals and go lounge on the beach; feel that diva moment. You’re a Hollywood star, baby, and we really don’t see why you shouldn’t treat yourself like one.

Think you’re too tall/short/fat/skinny/misshapen to pull it off? Ridiculous. You just need to pick something that you think flatters you, and that you really like. Maybe you’ll feel incredible in a high-waisted bikini with polka dots. A real 50s bombshell right there. Or maybe you want a colorful one-piece suit or something in solid red, or with a summery print. And don’t stop just at the swimsuit! Pair it with a white lace cover-up, with some cute wedge sandals, with a big bag… Enjoy the whole shebang.

Confidence through learning

Learning a skill is one of the best ways to 
feel confident, and that skill can be something entirely practical, like coding, to something purely artistic, such as painting. It can be something in between, like makeup! Starting a new hobby or signing up for Spanish classes right before your trip to Barcelona can be a great way to get that motivational energy to last you through the whole season and beyond. You’ll be working towards building yourself into exactly the kind of person you want to be, and we can only encourage that with a full heart.

Drop the attitude

There isn’t a single good thing that can come out of a negative attitude, and that form of self-sabotage will create an unhealthy mindset that will affect your daily life well beyond summer bodies and beaches. How to change it? Well, since you’re probably already strict with yourself, use that strictness to cut negativity down at the root. A self-deprecating thought resurfacing? Tell it to go jump off a cliff. You’re a very busy, gorgeous woman who’s got no time for bothersome I’m-not-good-enough thoughts. 

The gist of it is this – work on yourself in whichever way you think is the best. Be active and eat well because you should take care of your health, not because you need to shove yourself into a certain box, into a crazy, unattainable standard. Play with your fashion, learn the things you’ve always wanted to know, and nurture a healthy mindset. Trust us, beaches are a lot more relaxing when you’re lying back and enjoying the sun without a care in the world.

Amy Mia Goldsmith

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