5 Ways to Properly Fix Your Appliances



Every job has its own list of skills and requirements. Being a mom might just be the one with the longest list there is. Other than being a great listener, psychologist, negotiator, mediator, and multi-tasker, you also need to be the most self-reliant person there is. These last two skills often come together when it comes to the maintenance of your household appliances.

Fixing them yourself would save you some time and ensure that it’s functional in the matter of minutes or hours (instead of days and weeks) and it would also save quite a bit of money. Nonetheless, this is not always so simple. Here are several things you need to know in order to fix your own appliances.

1. Start With the Assessment of the Potential Hazard


The risk is not always the one of electrocution. You see, if you have a small appliance that’s malfunctioning and you have it unplugged, there’s really no way for you to get electrocuted. In this scenario, there’s only the risk of getting cut somewhere in the process. This is quite painful but not that dangerous. A greater risk comes from having your children, especially young children, seeing you making this repair.

Chances are that they’ll attempt to do the same on the next occasion, which is probably the best reason for you to A) attempt the repair when you’re 100 percent sure that you’re alone or B) have someone else do this for you.

2. Have a Reliable Repairman

Friends, neighbours and family members may offer their assistance but it’s by far the safest if you were to look for a specialized serviceman. Sure, this might end up costing more but the end result is by far the most satisfactory.

3. Have All the Necessary Equipment

Now, before you start, you need to acquire all the necessary equipment, which can be split into two categories. First, you need some basic tools like a screwdriver set, a nut driver set, a wrench set, pliers and an adjustable open-end wrench. These are a great item to have long before you need to use them. Other than this, you may need to replace some parts completely, which is why you need to find a retailer like
Wholesale Appliance Supplies. This way, you’ll be able to use a cheap part in order to avoid buying a completely new, incredibly expensive appliance.

4. Take Necessary Safety Measures

Now, we come to the pivotal issue of necessary safety measures. First of all, the item needs to be turned off via a switch and then unplugged. Unless it’s a wireless device or one that operates on batteries, this should, pretty much, take care of the issue. Next, you need to check where all the sharp parts are. In a scenario where you’re repairing a blender, even when turned on, the blade can be pretty sharp and dangerous.

These sharpest parts are usually easy to detach, which is something that you need to do as soon as possible. It’s quite important that you don’t try and do this in front of young children, seeing as how they’re known to mimic your behaviour.

5. Know What’s Outside of Your League

It’s important that you realize that there are some repairs that are outside of your league. For instance, if a washing machine is slow to start, all you have to do is
clean the wash inlet screen, which is a fairly routine procedure. Your garbage disposal may just need a new splash guard, yet, if you can’t diagnose the problem, chances are that you won’t be aware of just how simple this procedure is. Luckily, in the internet era, such a thing is much easier to diagnose.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are quite a few things for you to take into consideration before you can make this work. Safety needs to be your first priority, which is why your decision-making process needs to be rational and fact-based. We hope this list will be of assistance in that regard.


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  1. This guide on fixing the appliances is simply amazing! I love that you have explained every way a person could properly fix appliances at home, thank you so much for the effort!

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