6 Creative Ways to Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained



Want to avoid the tedious and repetitive wedding reception as it was in the old days? Are you feeling rather creative and have time to spare on making something outstanding for your wedding party? Then think more! Here you will find great ideas that will make your guest drop their jaws. Not only that, but you will find out how to skip the standard and predictable banquet, and make it completely stand out. 

1. Make an Entrance

You don’t have to hire an expensive limo or come at your reception on a white horse, but something that will create that “wow” factor is a striking entrance. The first thing that you can do is have your band play your favorite song and have a special dance-along with your bridesmaids and guests. You can even plan a
unique choreography. On the other hand, if you happen to have two left feet, then you can make a blasting entrance…literally. Get fireworks or sparkles that would be lighted up as you enter the venue. You would be surprised what reaction you would get from your guests. 

2. Keep It Fun

Alongside great music that would enliven your event, get guest engages even more. Why not organize a special game corner? Oh yes, games are not only entertaining for the youngsters, but you would also be surprised how much grown-ups love to play. You can set up an after-hours lounge with numerous games. Put billiards, casino games, and blackjack, or play the classical Pictionary or the charades. In that way, you could see how much your guest know you because you can make the game cards yourself.


3. Get a Photo Booth

Photography has evolved significantly over the years due to modern technology. And it would be hard for one photographer to run around trying to capture every single thing. That is why it would be an absolutely brilliant idea to
hire PhotoBoothME and set up a photo booth for everyone to take memorable and goofy pictures. Photo booth represents a fantastic way to capture hilarious and bluff moments on your big day. What is more, you can get cool backdrops and even personalize it with genuine props that fit the wedding theme. 

4. Cultural Roar 

Whether you have Latino, Chinese or even Scottish origin only on your father side, it would be a tremendous idea to implement a slight touch of cultural heritage. Your guest would certainly like to see a traditional dance or performance from your homeland. If you are Scottish you can have a bagpiper lead the processional, or have mariachi perform a romantic serenade on your entrance. For any other cultural experience, you can just have a dance representation of your origin, like a classical Indian Bollywood dance or mesmerizing Chinese dragon dance.


5. Spice Up the Drinks

Why not go beyond the traditional even more and have awesome and unique drinks stands? You definitely don’t have to stick to the plain wedding drinking menu and have champagne, but rather go for something sumptuous and ornamental. You can serve drinks in small shots glasses, rent an extravagant cocktail bar and have bartenders perform a vivid show as they make drinks. Another artistic idea is to have a
chocolate bar. You just prepare concentrated hot chocolate in various flavors such as peppermint, bourbon, or Mojito. Let them harden and pop them on a stick. Every single one of your guest will be left speechless. 

6. Revamp the Details

No one expects everything to be peach perfect, but why not make a statement with little things. Make small presents for your guests, such as DIY badges or fridge magnets with your photo. Plus, you can create creative seat prompters for your guest since nobody likes to sit through five-course meal next to a total stranger. Make prompters like “Ask the person on your right to tell you a funny joke” or “Share with the table your best memory with the bride/groom”. Or to spruce up the romance, you can have your guests write love letters and their wishes to the newlyweds without signing it and later you can make a poster and hang it in your house. 

No matter how creative you choose to be, bear in mind that it is your special day. As long as you smile and have fun, your guests will be happy.


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