6 Gardening Ideas for 2019



This is the perfect time to start planning your garden for 2019. It’s too early in a year to actually do any yard work, but if you make a plan and prepare for it right now, there will be much fewer stressful and time pressing tasks in the spring.

When it comes to gardening trends, it’s perfectly fine to make your garden fashionable and to try to be innovative this year. However, have in mind that trends are often short-term and therefore fleeting, and a neat and nicely managed garden looks good no matter what.

1. Asymmetry

Asymmetrical patterns have been popular for a while now and they will really take the over suburban gardens in 2019. This is partly due to the fact that ordinary and well-kept symmetrical gardens have been around for decades, and suburban homes are using this change to seem more interesting.

It’s best to use this fact to make your garden more interesting overall. When the patterns and the plants used aren’t designed symmetrically, you can also experiment with different materials, colors, and overall aesthetic of the garden.

2. Low Maintenance Gardens

Usually, gardens are seen as more of a hobby than just an aesthetic choice for your home design. It’s something to do when you have time to spare and something to plan for and organize around. However, this too is changing. There’s a growing trend of making low maintenance gardens that you can just leave and enjoy throughout the year.

The key to having a low maintenance garden is to choose the plants that don’t need that much work. For the most part, it’s about choosing the plants that don’t need watering on regular bases and choosing the soil that’s suitable for such plants.

3. Patios

One of the biggest projects that you could undertake with your garden is to try to merge the outside and the inside by creating a patio that’s an extension or even a part of your garden. As well, you can try adding cantilever umbrellas and some lighting to create the atmosphere and make the patio useful is the biggest part of the job. What remains after that is just to design it as a part of the garden.

Patios can be a great place to entertain guests and they can really increase the value of your property. However, if they are set up from the proper materials, they can also be easily pulled apart and you can use most of your yard.

4. Green Fences

It’s been said that good fences make good neighbors and it’s true that the way you decide to distinguish your garden of those from your next-door neighbor could mean quite a lot. Installing green fences will make the whole yard feel more natural and thus the transition from one yard to the other won’t seem so abrupt.

Have in mind, that installing such fences means that you’ll have much more surface to work with, especially when it comes to trimming and maintenance.

5. Edibles

Planting edible plants in the back yard isn’t something that many suburban homeowners consider doing. However, there are a few reasons to try to get into it this year and to decide whether the operations could expand in the years to come.

It’s a way to make sure you have green and healthy food without having to put in the effort to find it and it’s much less expensive than it would be to simply purchase it. In the end, many eco-aware homeowners should consider how their real-estate could be used in a more productive way.

6. Adding Structure

In the end, 2019 should be the year to finally install and organize the supporting structures that will keep your garden maintained and clean. For the most part, you’ll need just one or two small buildings, that can be solar powered and rather small. Taking the time, to make these structures both well-organized and nice looking will make your future garden work much easier.

It might be possible to leave this part of the work to a professional contractor, but there’s no real need for it. It can be fun do it yourself project for the couple of weekends you have off.

The New Year is going to be great for gardening because there are a lot of new eclectic trends to try. Some of them are here to stay, like focusing on more eco-friendly gardening, while others are aesthetic choices and have an expiration date.

Diana Smith

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