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Happy New Year 2018 and cheers to everyone! Let’s welcome in the new year with a lot of beautiful and positive energy, which many times is beyond needed for many singles who last year, might have been jaded or out of ideas where to meet other eligible singles. For those singles out there who have been trying to find their match in Los Angeles, in case you haven’t heard, it can be tough! And sure, it can be difficult to find real love nearly anyway, depending on your approach and how you go about searching for it. Therefore, this year, starting now, January 2018, I decided to write more articles listing some great places to meet people, and where the singles are in LA.

I’m not sure about you, but if I had a choice of either meeting someone in person somewhere for the first time or meeting them through an online dating site, I’d always choose to meet them in person, face to face, the old school, el naturel way. However, I’m well aware that for many people, it has become a near addiction to be online, to browse endlessly, swipe right and left, almost as if it’s normal to have dating sites up, because so many people are using online dating as a way to meet other singles. Having said that, there are some singles who like me, would prefer to date people who they’d met in person.

The following is a list of six places in LA you might find your match.

1. The grocery store

The Grocery store? Yep, your local food market, Whole Foods, Gelson’s Trader Joe’s, Ralph’s, or wherever you tend to shop, the singles are there just like you. They’re browsing up and down the aisles, peeking around for the best peach in the produce section, looking for the newest trend of what’s going to replace kale and chard in 2018. Singles are everywhere. Disappointed with number one? Well, you shouldn’t be, because the reality is, you can meet people anywhere who are single, from the moment you walk out of your front door until he moment your walk back in. In a grocery store or any type of health food market, etc., there’s never a shortage of singles, but more so, a shortage of confidence in an approach as well as a kindness in a response.

2. While walking your dog or someone else’s dog

Thinking out of the box here, can you tell? Sure, you can go to your nearest dog park which are likely around every corner of every block in LA. But dog parks aren’t for everyone, and you can just as easily walk your dog or even be pet sitting or a dog walker and walk other people’s dogs, and meet someone along the way. They say that, it’s not about the place when you date (at least, when their intentions are pure and they want to meet someone genuine and authentic), well my friends and readers, it’s also not about the place when you first meet someone. It’s not about the place that you met, as long as you meet!

3. Events

Yes, events! Going to events is one of the most common ways of meeting new friends, networking, and yes, getting new dates with eligible singles. You can browse through your Facebook events, Google events in LA, events in Los Angeles, or even, events near me in Los Angeles. There are events listed in your local paper as well. There are fundraisers, galas, flea markets, and farmer’s markets everywhere. There are outdoor events all over Los Angeles. All you really need to do is put a little effort into searching for where and when these events are taking place. There are free concerts all of the time, and many hot spots in LA where clubs, lounges, and bars will hire great talents to perform at their venue. There are many awesome talented singers, musicians, and performers that possibly haven’t yet been discovered, just roaming this beautiful city everywhere and performing possibly right in your area.

For those who enjoy music and want to meet singles who share a beautiful music connection, another great place to go is, Friday Night Jazz at LACMA. They’ll have music, and so many happy folks picnicking outside with great friends and company. Every time I’ve gone there, it has been a wonderful experience. And each time, there have always been opportunities to meet others. If you go, take a walk around the crowd and listen to the music, smile, smile, and smile at the world and appreciate everything. People will be drawn to you when they see your beautiful smile and positive and appreciative energy.

Think of some things that interest you and look up events based on those interests. Art classes near you, sporting events, concerts, comedy clubs, group hikes in your area, outdoor yoga classes, or whatever else you might fancy. And please folks, let’s not only think of charities and holiday events during the holiday season, because it’s always good to give back. To find a partner who’s empathetic and enjoys giving back as well is a beautiful thing. Look into different charities and volunteer work where you can help out and truly make value of your free time. What better way to meet the love of your love, than to meet them while doing a good deed.

4. Singles events in your area

This seems like another no-brainer, but so many people don’t realize that all they have to do, is type in Google search, for single events in their area. You can type, single events in LA, single events near me, single events in Los Angeles, singles meetups in LA, or you can even search upon your own personal preferences.

5. Coffee places

There’s a reason why people in LA and all around the world are using hashtags like #CoffeeFirst #ButFirstCoffee #Coffee #Yum #Yummy #DontTalkToMeBeforeCoffee #CoffeeTime as well as others. It’s because many of us are obsessed with coffee and fitness in LA. Trying not to state the obvious here, but this is why coffee shops are some of the best places to meet people in LA. There’s always something to talk about at a coffee shop. There are ways to be kind, considerate, selfless, and offer a chair or even a bagel to someone. And there are many conversation starters everywhere. For example, about how incredible or hot your coffee is and why you choose a flavour or even why you go to that particular coffee joint.

6. Hiking

As cliché as this one sounds, it works. Hiking has been and still is, a very big thing in LA. People in Los Angeles care about appearances, and about health and fitness like no other place that I’ve seen. Many people will do the Santa Monica stairs and many people will go on a hike. Many singles tend to go and even bring their dog(s) to Runyon Canyon for part of their daily fitness routine. They’ll walk up and down Runyon looking for others who will be smiling at the world (and at them), hoping to connect eyes and say, “Hi there, what’s your adorable puppy’s name?”

So many people are optimistic and appreciate the beauty in nature, so they’ll appreciate some small talk about how gorgeous the weather is outside. Talking about how beautiful the day is or how lovely the view is, are great conversation starters. You can walk or hike just about anywhere in LA and meet great people, along with other eligible singles. You can stroll down Melrose/Fairfax area, window shop, or even go to The Grove or 3rd Street Promenade and walk up and down (remember to be friendly, approachable, and smile).

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