6 Things You Can Do to Spice Up a New Relationship



When you start a new relationship with someone, it’s usually because two people have feelings for each other and want to become even closer. Being exclusive is a great way to focus on your partner and see if you’re truly compatible on a deeper level. New relationships should have what most refer to as a honeymoon phase. However, there are always ups and downs in every relationship, despite the newness of a relationship including that blissful honeymoon period.

Here Are 6 Ways to Create Even More Bliss in Your New Relationship.

1. Focus on giving

Many times in relationships, we think about what we want and tend to become selfish and think of our own needs, rather than go out of our way and try to be more thoughtful, giving, and selfless to our partner. And as important as it is to be happy yourself in your relationship and to feel good, it’s imperative to put a great deal of focus on doing sweet gestures and kind acts for your partner to create happiness for them as well.

2. Create a balance between spontaneity and planning 

It’s great to go with the flow and be easy-going as much as possible in a relationship. Therefore, it’s always nice when someone is easy-going enough and agreeable when it comes to making plans and doing things together. However, there should be a healthy balance when it comes to making plans in advance, being organized, and making reservations, and being spontaneous. Excitement, good times, and beautiful new experiences can be enjoyed both ways.

Some people prefer to have things planned out and organized so they can arrange other aspects of their lives and take care of other priorities they need to attend to. Many times planning ahead, making reservations, and having an exact time, place, and plan can make someone feel more comfortable and easy. But then there are times when people need to be easy-going and spontaneous, especially when it comes to making time for each other when one or both people tend to be busier. 

3. Do the unexpected

It’s always nice to do sweet gestures and to be romantic to keep things spicy and exciting in a relationship. Some things are nice when it comes to surprises, but then some things can be a little over-the-top. This is why it’s important to use your logic, but also to be creative and thoughtful when it comes to doing nice things for each other. Some surprises are plain and simple— not a good idea. Both people in a relationship should be equally thoughtful and occasionally surprise one another with kindness and sweet gestures when they least expect it. Sometimes being surprised can truly enhance the happiness, joy, and love for couples.

4. Date night

It’s imperative to have a date night at least once a week throughout your lives. Having a date night shouldn’t just be something you make time for at the beginning of new relationships. Date night is something that no matter how busy two people are in other aspects of their lives, it’s important to make time for one another as much as possible and to give each other all of their focus for at least for one night out of the week. As well, date night should be romantic even if you both choose to do something simple and relaxing.

5. Be fair and have balance

I’ve already mentioned balance throughout this article a few times. The reason is that balance makes everything fair when it comes to two people doing their share in a relationship. At the beginning of a relationship, 
you’re setting the tone for your whole relationship and life together. You’re creating a healthy and loving foundation from scratch, and that’s why it’s so important to start creating balance and being fair early on so that it becomes second nature. One of you shouldn’t be doing all of the giving, all of the loving, all of the sweet gestures, all of the planning or anything else. Make sure that you’re putting in enough effort into doing your share of things in your relationship, and things should naturally be reciprocated by your partner.

6. Go on regular walks together

Walking is obviously healthy for people. It’s great exercise and all-around good for you. Having said that, whether you’re having good times or bad times in a relationship, it’s important to do activities together. One of those activities should definitely be walking together. There are many reasons why I’d suggest walking over some other things. First of all, walking together is a simple activity which can create closeness, great communication, and a moment where you can both connect on a deeper level.

By walking together, you can both share your thoughts and feelings while either looking at nature, experiencing a beautiful view, embracing a lovely breeze, by holding hands and enjoying each other’s company or simply by healing each other as you lightly hash out issues or concerns from a disagreement. Just remember to maintain poise, kindness, and understanding so that things remain peaceful during your walk. Walking together during the day can be a great activity, but in the evening it can be romantic and sweet, not to mention, a great way to bond and spice up your love for each other.

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