6 Things You Need to Remember Before Installing a Storm Door to Your House



Without a door, your house invites bad guys to enter. A huge gate outside will never be enough. A house cannot be complete and proper without a door. It will always be important and irreplaceable. No amount of curtains and thick cloth will ever be sufficient enough to perform the function of a house’s door. You can add something to a door, but you cannot eliminate it.

Speaking of “adding something”, one of the famous types of doors that works as it is added to another door is called a storm door. Have you heard of this door type? Not every house has this because it depends on your choice and preferability. That means it’s not mandatory, but it carries a really crucial function.

A storm door is installed to the old or new exterior door. From the name itself, you’ve already been given a hint of what this door is for. Basically, it helps shield you, your exterior door and your house’s insides when heavy storms come.

Storm doors are aidful, and they also add beauty and appeal to your house. They offer great advantages too! If you are planning to have one for your house, check out these 6 things which you should take note of and remember before having it installed.

1. Financial Cost

You are not required to, but if you really want to have a storm door, know that it will be financially costly. Since it’s like an add-on to your exterior door, it also demands additional payment.

Your wallet should be ready for it! If you plan to hire custom home builders, let them help you choose one that is affordable but of excellent quality. If you are not knowledgeable about purchasing this kind of door, you might lose the chance of getting a good one for a good price! Experts can assist you with that!

Whatever the cost of the one you choose is, know that a storm door is one of the most practical types a house can have. You are paying not for mere design and decoration but for its significant usefulness.

2. Numerous Choices

Just like any type of door, storm doors also come in different styles. There are many options for you to choose from, so don’t limit yourself from looking vastly. Not only brands are many but also the features themselves. Find one that particularly fits your needs and even your wants. Don’t settle for less by just buying what’s available even if it is not your type, or even if you know there could be something better.

In addition to various styles, you can also select your choice of colors. You can also decide on what materials you want yours to be made of. Your custom home builder can help you with your custom storm door. Others come in diverse combinations of glass and screen panels. Moreover, panels can be detached or replaced. That gives you the freedom to adjust your storm door’s style based on what’s appropriate for the seasons.

3. Auto-Close Feature

A common feature of storm doors is its ability to close by itself. Well, it’s made that way, so that you won’t unconsciously and unsafely leave it open when you enter and exit. On the other hand, when you don’t need it to close automatically, you can adjust it since it also allows you to hold it open in place. You have to know this just in case you get confused about why the storm door closes on its own.

4. Protection in Many Ways

As mentioned earlier, the storm door shields you. Its main purpose is to serve as a “cover” or “coating” to your main door which keeps you and your things in your house. Your house gets double protection with this one that makes you have a double door.

First, it protects you from the changing seasons. Mainly, it plays a huge role during storms. It serves as your extra wall when strong winds, heavy rains that come with cold weather occur. It also safeguards your exterior door from getting broken. Usually, the main door is more expensive than the storm door, so it really needs a little more defense. During winter, a storm door also keeps snow and ice from accumulating on your doorway. During the heat of summer and sunny days, a storm door will block the harsh rays and disseminate the heat’s intensity. Furthermore, your main door’s color will be far from fading.

Second, it secures and guards you and your belongings. A storm door’s heavy-duty glass or screen and its multi-point locking systems will keep thieves out of and away from your place. You will have a more relieved and assured feeling while you are quietly living inside your own house.

Third, unknown creatures, especially the seemingly harmful ones will also be hampered from getting in your house.

5. Correlation

If you are installing a storm door to your old door, be mindful about their correlation. If you are going with DIY homebuilding, you should not forget about this or else, you will waste every effort you exert. On the other hand, if you’re hiring a custom home builder, they will certainly aid you in making sure that you get a storm door that fits your main door very well.

Checking that the model of the storm door matches up with your exterior door is crucial. Do it before purchasing one. You will regret if you do not because you will have to pay more for modifying the one you bought, you might pay for a replacement, or you might just buy another one. That’s wasting money, time and effort.

If your exterior door is placed at the edge of the frame, there will be no space left for a storm door to be installed. Make sure you also take a look at that aspect first before deciding to procure one.

6. Proper Maintenance

Storm doors are meant to provide additional security, but keep in mind that as they do their job, they also get worn out. If an ordinary door deteriorates and gets some of its parts broken, how much more if it’s a storm door that acts as a shield in all seasons and in several situations?

To let it last long and serve you for a satisfying and good period of time, maintaining it is vital. Before, during and after weather changes drastically, you have to inspect the storm door to see if there are any issues that may cause security troubles and malfunctions.

If you detect any, immediately do something to fix it. Make sure that the hinges are oiled well and that the latches are in the right working and fastening condition. For your storm door to look nice and pleasant, glass cleaners or soap and water should be used. Don’t forget to clean it. How you take care of it determines how it can help you too.

Knowledge Before Installation

Installing a storm door for your house may sound like a good idea because it is absolutely a good one, but take note of the things that you must know first before doing so. It’s not just an addition to your house and to your protection, but also to your responsibilities as a homeowner.

Being informed ahead of time saves you from having regrets and from being involved in dangers caused by seasons and situations. Be mindful and be wise. There’s so much more to this door than just storm protection.

Nicole Ann Pore

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