6 Ways to Enhance Your Front Door Security



Home is your safe haven, so of course, you would not want anyone barging into your property and getting access to your possessions or valuables. If you do not have in you the skills of Kevin McCallister, from the Hollywood movie “Home Alone”, to set up traps for the thieves, you should seriously think about beefing up your home security to protect your house from burglars and thieves.

Home security is not restricted to a secure front door alone. The windows and back doors, if any, in a home must also be secured to keep the house safe from any trespassers.

Why Front Door Security is Essential

It is essential to secure your front door because that is the main entry point of your home, easily accessible and in clear view of anyone passing by or anyone keeping an eye on your house. The access to backdoor of a house is not easy and in most cases, it is not even known if a house has a backdoor. Mostly, a person who wants to gain a sneaky entry to the house gets to know about the backdoor after he has already in the house. Windows can also be easily barred from any kind of entry by installing window grills so that leaves the front door. A little investment to secure your front door will provide peace of mind and will also deter the potential thieves.

So how can you fortify your front door? Let’s explore a few ways to secure the front door so that you don’t have to suffer from the trauma of your house being robbed.

1. Install a Solid Door

Make sure that your front door has a solid core. Aesthetics usually tend to take precedence over quality and you end up selecting a door that costs less, looks pretty but is not really strong enough to withstand forced entry. Avoid glass windows in your front door. Even though most of the glass that is being used for doors is said to be unbreakable but it is always best to invest in a solid core door to secure your home. Sturdy front doors with great aesthetics can be found at RS Engineering.

2. A Screen or A Second Door

A screen door or a second door is another great way to secure the entryway of your house. It’s rare that those with the intention of breaking in will have time to temper with two doors. Having two doors is a great deterrent. If you are already in the house and you have a screen door installed, you can have a look outside without opening the second door and if you observe any suspicious activity, security is just a call away! Screen Mobile has some great options for screen doors.

3. Secure Hinges

Most of the forced break-ins are executed by breaking down the front door. It’s easy to force a door open by kicking it in rather than by picking the locks if the door hinges are weak. One way to secure the hinges is to install strong metal plates and use long screws (preferably around 3 inches) that go well into the doorframe. A door with secure hinges cannot really be kicked down easily.

4. Alarm System

Make use of technology and install an alarm system on your front door that will alert you any time there is a covert activity around your front door. Sync your home security system with your smartphone and receive alerts if the person entering the house is not an authorized person.

5. Surveillance Camera

It’s a one-time investment and a great way to deter the thieves and robbers. Surveillance cameras not only record the events of the whole day but you can also check them live if you are on the go. It’s easy for the thieves to tinker with the cameras and you can enable alerts on your smartphone that will notify you the moment your device is disconnected from the camera, thus alerting you towards a possible security threat.

6. Illuminated Entryway

Make sure that your front door entryway is well lit. Install the lights in strategic places so that the area around your front door is bright and anyone entering and leaving the house is easily visible. Often due to privacy or aesthetics, the front door is hidden among shrubs and bushes or it’s dimly lit to provide an effect of warmth. Such houses can be a target for burglars as they will know they won’t be observed by anyone. A wall lantern, porch light, or an outdoor spotlight are all good options for this purpose.

Unlike ancient times, you cannot have an army or an armed guard to protect your own fortress that is your home. So, it is always wise to invest a little time and money in securing your front door to prevent any unpleasant occurrence that a home break-in can cause. Either DIY or hire the services of an expert to fortify the door!


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