6 Ways to Make Your Old House Look Brand New



Real estate deteriorates as the years pass. Under the condition that they haven’t suffered any significant structural damage, old homes can be rejuvenated. You don’t need a hefty budget, but a bit of goodwill and knowledge what you actually can do. We can help you with the latter one if you stick to these 6 pieces of advice on how to make your house look new again. 


This is probably the most reasonable thing you can do. A fresh coat of paint will give the house a new identity. You can paint the front façade or apply the paint on the inside walls. Regardless of the option you choose, the color should be different from the previous one. If your house was painted in a darker tone, then you might consider painting it with a livelier, but not tacky, color. Decorative aspects set aside, new paint will also provide extra protection against dust, mold, rust and water damage. Because of the latter, be sure to use 
waterproof colors

Knobs and handles 

An even more economical solution is replacing the knobs, hinges, and handles. If you look around the house, you will notice that these objects define the look of many pieces of furniture and door frames. Replacing them with new shiny ones will add to the overall appearance of your home. 

Scuff marks 

The walls have probably taken the worst of the beating over the years and the furniture probably didn’t fare any better. However, most of the scuff marks left on them are not irreparable. In most cases, the dirt on the walls is concentrated near the bottom and it originated from footwear rubber. This can be easily removed by using a simple pencil eraser. Also, tiny dings and holes can be filled in with materials available at your local hardware store. Even chipped corners on tables can be repainted and coated so they are no longer visible. 


The most all-encompassing of solutions would be to renovate a certain part of the house. The best candidate is the room that has dilapidated the most which repair is beyond the powers of the layman house owner, so it’s better to hire professional house and bathroom renovators who know what they are doing. This way you will save time and money in the long run because a simple bathroom reconstruction can become a nightmare. 

Wood floors 

Walls and floors are the biggest surfaces in any house and are the first things that catch attention upon entrance. The walls can be painted, but the same cannot be done to wooden floors. If you have parquet then there are ways to restore it to its formal glory. There are numerous natural products that you can use to oil up the floor and make it shine once more. In case of older flooring, you might consider using wax and applying it gradually, a square foot at a time. Whatever you opt for, just remember that you are working with wood that reacts badly to water. Never over-apply any of the chemicals and make sure that the room is airy so that the floor has enough time to dry. 

Treating the leather 

Although leather furniture will 
look better over the years, that does not mean that it shouldn’t be looked after. Apply proper leather conditioner yearly to prevent it from becoming dry. Wipe it with a microfiber cloth and remember to clean up any liquid spills as soon as they occur. 

The solutions offered here are primarily cost-effective, but can still significantly contribute to the new look your house will attain. Just keep in mind that when you encounter a major issue you are not comfortable dealing with on your own, it is OK to call professionals. This too is a stress-efficient method.


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