6 Ways to Say I Love You, Without Saying a Thing



There are many ways to tell someone that you love and care about them. But the problem is, many people will say many words, having little to no meaning behind them. Empty and meaningless words. And many times, merely to get what they want or provoke a reaction. However, others will truly mean what they say, and when they utter the words, “I love you,” they mean it with all of their soul. Many people will tell you that they love you so much, but never show you that they mean it. Saying I love you should be special and said only when it’s true, and not when it’s just superficial or based on lust. Love is the most powerful and beautiful thing. We should love people in the same manner in which we hope to be loved. We should love people the way they deserve to be loved, and the way that they’ll feel loved the most. As well, we should express our love through a balance of words and actions.

Here’s a list of six ways to show someone that you love them.

1. Sweet gestures and romance

Doing sweet gestures and kind acts for someone is a great way to show them you care. When someone does something because they want to, or because they want their partner to feel loved, it’s truly kind and beautiful. It’s great when people do things with pure motives, and just because. As far as romance goes, romance and intimacy are not the same thing. Being romantic is something that should be done outside of the bedroom, even if it leads up to intimacy in the bedroom. Romantic dinners, candles, flowers, love songs, piano or a violin in the background, dimmed lights, sparkling eyes, and a beautiful smile gazing across the table. You can even go on evening walks together and have a light hearted chat, while letting the moon light up the night.

2. Smile

Whether you work, whether you’re a homemaker, or whether you’re both, many times, your someone special will be the one who opens the door when you get home, pick them up, or greet them. The best way to provoke good energy and love, is to smile. But not just any smile. Feel the love that you feel towards someone, and appreciate them, because smiling shows someone that you’re happy to see them. When someone sees that you’re happy when they come around, they’ll not only want to come around more, but they might even feel loved.

3. Showing kindness , warmth, and love to someone’s family or friends

Nothing shows love for someone, than when you’re kind, warm, and loving to their family. This will make someone feel incredibly loved, and it might even make their love for you grow. People love their families and their friends, and always want everyone to get along and mesh well together if and when they meet. If you’re able to meet someone’s family, be your authentic self, but also be polite, kind, warm, and loving.

4. Doing specific things that someone told you they need, want, or enjoy

This could be anything from a making someone’s favourite home cooked meal, watching a movie that they like, or doing anything that they hint or even directly tell you they need, like, enjoy, or something that they want to do. Try to be a good listener, and pay close attention to your loved one’s likes, dislikes, wants, and of course, to their needs. Be selfless and giving whenever possible.

5. Being emotionally or even financially supportive

One of the easiest ways for someone to know you love them, is by being their rock when they need it the most. But also, by supporting them, by being a shoulder to lean on or cry on, by having their back, and being their best friend and someone they can trust and confide in. I mentioned being financially supportive as well, mostly because through learning what I had growing up, I’ve become aware that many people show their love in different ways. One of those ways, is by supporting someone financially and taking good care of them.

6. Affection and intimacy

Being affectionate, can be anything from holding hands, hugging, kissing, giving massages, to caressing someone’s hair. As you may or may not know, we all feel loved the most in different ways. Therefore, we need to learn what pleases our partner and makes them feel loved the most. Many times, having great communication will guide couples to better know and understand what will make each other feel loved the most. Showing love through a balance of words and actions, is especially (but not solely) important in the bedroom.

Being able to speak your mind and tell one another what you like and don’t like, as well as what you want, can be huge when it comes to closeness and feeling satisfied in your relationship. Try being more vocal, as well as a good listener when your partner says what they like or want. Again, be selfless, and maintain a balance of give and take. Know how to receive love and kindness, and don’t just be a giver, who endlessly gives but isn’t open to receiving. That’s actually not a great thing. There needs to be balance. Many people want to be the giver when it comes to showing their love through affection and intimacy. Breathe, be fair and kind to your partner and to yourself, and take turns being the giver.

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