7 Big Mistakes People Make Before Going on a First Date


Many people go overboard before going on a first date. It’s important to remember that your date is looking forward to meeting you, and you don’t have to try so hard. The person that you’re going out with is hoping to see if the two of you have the fire, chemistry, and any type of connection together. If they’re a detail-oriented person and they care about the little things, there’s nothing wrong with that. As long as they don’t take it to the extreme and act too judgmental.

It’s always important to present yourself in a manner as if you had put some effort into getting ready. It doesn’t matter what name brand you wear or if your hair is professionally done. Your attitude and your positive outlook will take you much further than if you’re wearing a Louis Vuitton purse and shoes. It’s important to dress and look in a way that you’ll feel good about yourself, but showing that you put some effort into it. Having said that, sometimes people do the opposite of putting effort into getting ready for a date.

I decided to make a list of some of the biggest mistakes you can do before going on a date. I feel that sometimes people are unaware of making these little mistakes before going out with someone new. It’s important to go into a new situation with the least amount of possible negative outcomes. So it doesn’t hurt to read all of the things on this list and to try and make sure that you don’t do any of them.

The list:

1. Drinking Alcohol:

Having alcohol on your breath is a big no-no before a first date. There’s no need to drink before going on a date with someone. If you feel like having a drink or some type of alcoholic beverage, be patient, and wait to have one with your date. Your date isn’t going to want to smell the alcohol on your breath. Besides, they’re going to want to get to know the real you, without alcohol. If you’re nervous about going on your date or a little too excited because they’re so attractive, and you’re thinking that having a little drink might help make you relax, go for the chamomile tea instead.

2. Being Hungry:

You should never be too hungry before going on a date. Eat a banana or something light, that will temporarily satisfy you and hold you over before a date. The last thing you want to be is cranky on a first date because you’ve waited too long to eat. I know that many people get cranky when they don’t eat on time, so if you’re one of those types, make sure that you have a small snack before your date.

3. Wearing Too Much Cologne or Perfume:

What are you trying to cover up! Just shower and put no more than one or two sprays on. The less you spray, the more your date is going to want to breathe you in to get to your real scent (if they like you, of course). In case some people are unaware of it, there are people that have allergies to cologne and perfume and are too shy to let you know before a first date, especially when they don’t know you very well. It’s polite not to overdo it and to spray less.

4. Forgetting to Use Lotion:

For all of the men out there that think that lotion is just for the ladies, you’re completely mistaken. Lotion is for people with dry skin and to prevent people from getting dry skin. Two definite places that men and women need to use lotion is on their elbows, hands, legs, and ankles. No one likes dry skin and especially, no one likes it before they learn to love everything about you, including your dry skin.

5. Telling Everyone About Your Date:

The last thing that you need to do before going on a date with someone new, is to tell your friends and family about it. Until you have an opinion of the person and the situation yourself, you don’t need anyone’s two cents. See how you feel for yourself first. Besides, the last thing that you want before going out on a date, is someone to be negative and pessimistic about it. You don’t need anyone’s input on what they think about the person you’re about to go out with.

6. Being Late:

It’s especially important for the first date and early dates to be on time. You should never make your date wait too long at the place your meeting or when they’re picking you up. It’s impolite to make someone wait for more than 3 to 5 minutes. If you think you’re going to be late for the date, you should give them a heads up and let your date know that you’re running behind a few minutes or however late you think you’re going to be. It’s important not to tell the person that you’re going to be late after the time that you were supposed to meet. Let them know beforehand that you think you’re going to be running late. It’s common courtesy to let someone know if you’re running behind before you’re actually late.

7. Having Bad Breath:

Having bad breath on a first date or during early dating is never a good thing. Nothing will guarantee you not getting the first kiss on your first date, the way that bad breath will. Make sure that you brush your teeth, gargle with mouthwash, and on the day of your date, you’re probably better off avoiding anything that will leave a bad smell in your mouth. The last thing that you want to be known for is being “the date with bad breath.”

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2 thoughts on “7 Big Mistakes People Make Before Going on a First Date

  1. Be an especially good listener! It might seem like the perfect opportunity to break out the top 5 most amazing things you’ve ever done or give a biopic starting from cradle to present, filling in all dots in between, but hear what your date has to say. Challenge yourself to say as little as possible and actively listen as much as possible. You’ll get your stories in anyhow, and leaving something for next time is always good. Leave them curious and wanting more, not exhausted from your 2 hour thesis on mind body dualism, designed to show case your academic career at Harvard.

    I make it a rule for 1st date that no one speak of career or academic institutions and we pick other topics instead. Politics and religion are great starters, for instance. Just kidding. Never discuss those. Be creative.

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