7 Powerful Mindsets That Will Help You Start Your Day With Less Anxiety



Every day is a new day. Even if you had a bad day yesterday, you can start your next day off right.

This article shares 7 powerful mindsets that will help you start your day feeling fresh and motivated. In the end, we will also show you how to help someone with anxiety.

Starting your day in the right mood can make your entire day productive. And that goes a long way to deliver to the expectations of the day. Starting a day feeling demotivated can limit your chances of meeting your day’s goals.

You need to know how to get it right.

And that’s what you will learn in this article.

Just keep reading.

Undeniably, worry and anxiety are two inevitable situations every one of us experiences at some point in our lives. However, it’s possible to keep those feelings of anxiety and worry from affecting our day to day undertakings.

If you always wake up feeling anxious, irritated and low AssignmentGeek Sydney has shared this article to help you.

Although most experts advise people to practice, there are effective ways you can keep stress at bay and concentrate on cultivating the right mindset right before you get up, so that you can face the day ahead with strength and energy.

Let’s get started.

1. Plan the Night Before

For you to be less worried and less anxious the next day, you need to start the night before. This implies getting a quality night’s sleep.

To get a good night’s sleep…

Sleep early.

If you don’t have anything important to be attended to before you sleep, go to bed early. You don’t have to stay awake until late at night doing something meant for the next day.

Avoid using electronic devices before you go to sleep.

Yes, you want to catch up with every episode of your favorite series, but if doing that will affect your next day, just stay away from the TV, laptop, tablet or mobile phone for at least 90 minutes before you go to sleep. According to a study by Essaymama, these devices emit blue light which is associated with poor sleep quality.

Stay away from anything that will stimulate you before you go to bed

Keep off that cup of coffee, refrain from playing video games. All these are stimulating can deny you quality sleep.

Avoid alcohol

That last sip of alcohol you want to take can affect your night’s sleep.

2. Avoid Using Social Media a Few Hours Before You Wake Up

A study by RushMyEssay has shown that at least 79 percent of people use their smartphones 15 minutes before they wake up. Given that Facebook is the most used social media platform, people will certainly want to see what their friends have posted before they start their day.

What if you find that your friends have done something that could demoralize you? This will make you start your day in the wrong mood.

Facebook, although it’s a platform to connect and engage with the outside world is known to make people feel depressed, especially if your friends are posting photos of their to-be places.

Not all you see posted by friends is true. Some are just after making others feel jealous of their best life.

To start your day with less anxiety, stay away from social media. You will still check it later so you don’t have to make a good day look like a bad day.

3. Meditate

Only 5 or 10 minutes are enough to calm your nerves and start your day with good thoughts. And this is very important. The good thing is that instead of watching meditation videos on YouTube, you can download an application so you can meditate every morning before you wake up.

Also, you don’t have to be a meditation expert since there are plenty of platforms you can learn the basics of meditating.

Note that you might not get it right from the first trial but never give up since, after a couple of trials, you will know how to go about it. Meditation is especially important if you wake up feeling low, anxious, and worrisome.

In fact, some studies suggest that meditation can keep stress at bay.

4. Eat a Good Breakfast

Most people when they hear of a good breakfast think that it’s about taking a huge fry up but it’s not that way.

A good breakfast doesn’t have to be something big. A small meal that can get you going is just enough. Just make sure it’s something quality. Nutrition experts at My assignment help recommend people to take foods that prepare the body and brain to work at peak condition.

Keep off heavy carbs as these are going to slow down your moods in the next few hours after getting up.

Some few recommended foods to start your morning on the right track include:

Blueberries to improve your brain function, pineapple to add taste, smoked salmon to nourish your body with the energy you need throughout the day, etc.

5. Write a To-do List

Making a to-do list is a good habit to integrate into your daily routine”, says Gabriel Han, an expert essay writer who is also the author of Academized reviews. The good thing about it is that you can write a to-do list the evening before, or the first few minutes after you wake up in the morning.

Just start with something that does not feel you overwhelmed; at least 5 points are enough to get you going in the morning.

A to-do list will help you focus on the most important things you need and avoid wasting time on unnecessary things.

The good thing about making a to-do list is that once you have accomplished and marked a few things in the list, you feel motivated to get the whole list marked as done. You will also get motivated to add more things on your list and this will improve your productivity as well.

6. Exercise

Exercising is perhaps the best way to start your day. Once you exercise, your mind wakes up and this can keep anxiety at bay. You will also feel better and more energized to face the day ahead of you.

The best morning exercises to get your morning off right include:

Jogging/running- Just 15 to 20 minutes are enough to get your legs moving. Don’t push yourself too hard.

Do sit-ups and squats.

7. Focus on the Day

Sometimes people live worrying about their next day. Learn how to live day by day and this will bring down pressure stress and anxiety levels down tremendously.

Just focus on doing your best for that day you have seen. You are lucky to have woken up. Many have dreamt of waking up the next day but they couldn’t.

When you develop this mindset, you will find things being more manageable. You will stop worrying about what tomorrow will bring. You will also achieve more and avoid procrastination.

Tips to Help Someone with Anxiety

According to Herman Lindsay, a psychologist who also offers the best dissertation help at assignment help UK, it’s worth understanding how anxiety works before helping someone with the problem because you might end up worsening the situation.

Anxiety isn’t a flaw, but it’s a human feature. It’s possible to get anxious at some point in time and sometimes anxiety is a useful emotion.

Here Are Some Few Tips to Help Someone With Anxiety.

Learn How Anxiety Manifests Itself

Different people respond to different scenarios differently. Some will respond to fear by fighting back, freezing or even fleeing away. And some people will even allow their responses to dominate.

For example, some people will tend to overlook things that make them panic or feel stressed instead of facing them.

Once you understand how anxiety manifests itself to different people, it becomes easier to help someone struggling with the situation.

Help Them to Help Themselves.

You don’t have to take over their anxiety. You just help them so that they can help themselves. Avoid doing things for them even if it’s your loved ones.

For instance, if it’s your loved one, you might ask them to attend a first therapy session. This is if they aren’t capable of picking a good therapist. Just don’t choose a therapist but brainstorm then let them choose.

Understand That You Are Helping and Not Curing Their Anxiety

So take care of yourself as you help them. You don’t need to offer support that is aimed directly on anxiety.

For instance, exercising can help to ease anxiety. You could ask your loved one to go for a morning run/walk or accompany them to a yoga class making sure you limit your support.

“It’s not easy to help someone with anxiety, but it’s possible”
, says Joan Hacklin, an assignment writing service provider and the author of 6dollaressay review. In fact, you are not sure whether you are getting it right. However, reminding you and your loved one that you are struggling to achieve the best you can, you can achieve it. You must stay safe first so that you can have a clear mind knowing what to do after what stage.

Avoid Denouncing Them

Sometimes the person you are helping will have more serious issues such as too much panic disorder, depression that is mixed with anxiety, etc. and this may make them feel like going crazy. You may think like your help might not bear fruits.

However, you can still support them. You just need to assure them that they are still in your heart and that your perception on them is still the same you had before.

If it’s your wife, show her that she is still the same you married way back, the problem she is going through is just a temporary one and they haven’t changed either.

You can encourage her interests and hobbies.

A challenge you will encounter with most people who have serious anxiety is that they are not interested in changing. Just show them a sense of acceptance and don’t isolate them.

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