7 Things to Check Before Renovating Your House



There are commonly two propositions when it comes to renovating your home, either you will make the best out of it or wreck it entirely. Renovating your home is not smooth sailing rather can be the worst experience you ever have in your life if you neglect the basics. A renewal is supposed to be for a pleasant change but ignoring small details can make it a bad one makes you wish you’d never opted for it.
Since the whole process requires backbreaking labor, even roughnecks lose their cool and end up snuffing out their own efforts.

Here, you will read the essential highlights of what you should consider before going for a total renovation. You can thank us later!

1. Brainstorm Your Motives

‘Who am I renovating for?’ should be your foremost concern. If you are doing it for your happiness, a positive change in life or to meet with the expanding requirements of life, you might want a more spacious home. A large kitchen, a spacious living room can turn out to be quite productive for your growing family.

On the contrary, if the sole motive behind the renovation is to attract more tenants, quick maintenance should be your goal. In case you are hoping to sell your home on a good value, make your priorities straight forward. A family will always look for a family friendly home, with a good backyard and kitchen. However, a couple with no kids most likely will not prefer working additionally to keep up the maintenance of the back yard.

2. Are You Underestimating the Fatigue?

As per Ladies’ Home Journal of March 2007, an eye-opener counseling session with John and Colleen was published. The couple talked about how renovating their 80-year old home was directly damaging their relationship to an extent they thought their marriage would never get back on the track.

Whenever a renovation gets prolonged or goes unexpectedly out of budget, the first two things it will eat up are your peace and relationship. It is only wise to keep analyzing the goals you set in the start and looking over to what have you achieved. Remember, realism is better than perfectionism!

3. Relaying Too Long on Your Introspection

It’s positive to introspect but relying only on your own evaluation for too long and not seeking professional help is narcissism. Sure, it is you who know the real value of your home and have the idea of what and how do you want things but in such a grinding task, it is always better to get professional help.

Hiring a consultant or designer too late and going for the lowest bid will not do any good for your project. What you should do before starting the renovation is, consult an excellent reputed professional to discuss your project in details. The consultant will, unlike you, give you an idea to how practical your goals are.

4. Right Strategies to Make a Bugproof Home

One of the most significant incentives people renovate their home for is, they become heavily dirty and old. No matter how hard you try to decorate, it will always look ugly and unclean. Now such a polluted environment is best for the growth of all kinds of bugs and insects.

You must make sure of a bugproof home with all the possible schemes and approaches you can make use of for the health and safety of your kids. Get the help of a competent crackerjack who knows his stuff quite well in dealing with bed bugs.

5. Always Keep Profit in Mind

This might sound less pragmatically to you, but you might have to sell the home you spent months in renovating at some point in life. It is always an excellent choice to keep the profit in your mind. This will lead you to add massive value to your home. Doing a few touch-ups here and there won’t hurt your budget like;

  • Update your kitchen, washrooms and living room
  • A healthy green front-yard
  • Good quality HAVC system
  • Add extra lights were needed like around mirrors, restroom

Apart from these, you can always fix and upgrade your home on the basics like windows and floors.

6. Warranties and Insurances

Whenever you draw yourself in something massive, look for insurances and warranties. This will save you a decade of repairing headaches. Get warranties for each product you buy. Why is coverage crucial in rebuilding your home? Because if something terrible happens on-site, you are confident someone’s got your back.

There are mainly two types of insurances, according to The Telegraph, you should know in renovating your home, builder’s insurance, and content insurance.  Here are a few facts you should consider regarding your coverage.

  • Leaving your home empty during the renovation process can make your policy weak as some are only for a small period
  • Inform of the changes you are building in the plan to your insurance agent
  • Big projects, more than $50k, are mostly not covered
  • A lot of times, a homeowner rebuilding his home is not covered so always check for builder’s policy in addition to content and home insurance
  • If you abandon your work for more than 30-days, you will most likely lose the coverage

7. Loan Sharks: The Best Way Out?

As per the results of the survey conducted by Finder in 2018, Americans get $16.16 billion each year to improve the structure of their homes. In 2017 alone, 5.41 million grown-ups sought help to upgrade their home value with each individual borrowing an average of $2,990 through personal sources.

Always keep in mind, you might have to end up taking loans as your renovation exceeds your budget. There is a variety of home value improvement loans in the market. All of them have the potential to match best with the individual’s interests. Using J.D. Power’s 2018 U.S. Primary Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study, US News reviewed the top lenders. With this analysis, they divided the loans into two main categories, home equity loans, and personal loans.  The review ended with US News recommending a few best loan lenders from both streams.


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