7 Ways to Be a Better Partner


Many people take for granted the fact that they have someone special in their lives. As well, they forget or don’t bother treating their partner and their relationship with enough TLC. Good relationships take effort and hard work. I truly feel that one great method for improving relationships is to make the time to brainstorm some ways to improve your love life. Even when things are pretty darn spectacular with you and your loved one, you should still be open to improving things.

When we focus on giving, on what we can do to improve what we do, how we act, and even the way that we speak to our love, our relationship can improve. You should be willing to give your relationship your all, by being the best version of yourself and by willing to improve who you are as an individual. But also, you should be willing to do your share in your relationship. Don’t be one-sided when it comes to giving your love or affection to your partner. And don’t be a taker, where only your needs are getting satisfied. Think of some ways that you can give more, and be an all around great partner.

The following are 7 ways that can help a great deal when it comes to being a better partner. I’ll elaborate a bit on each one. However, it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, you should know that you and your partner will have different wants and needs than other people. So make sure to get to know what your partner likes and what will make them feel loved the most. Don’t just assume that you’re being a great partner simply because you read this, or because you have certain ideas of what being a good partner means.

Be open-minded to absorb as many articles like this, and as many helpful tips as you can when it comes to different ways of improving your relationship. But again, remember, asking and communicating with your partner, and being direct and being able to freely ask and express yourselves will be the absolute best method at knowing how you can be a better partner to your love.

Here’s the list:

1. Be considerate and ask opinions on important matters.

Ask your partner what they think at times. Take their feelings into consideration when doing things. Be thoughtful with what you do and say. For example, if you’re getting up to get a mere glass of water, ask them if they’d like anything. Or even better, ask them if they’d like anything regardless of if you’re getting up for yourself. Be selfless, and thoughtful as much as you can. Do things for your partner just because it will bring about more happiness. Be a giver, not a taker. If and when you want to do something, make plans, go on a trip, or do something where they’ll be affected in some way, ask them their opinion. Let them know how much their opinion matters to you and that they have a say in big decisions.

When it comes to making big decisions in life, whether in work, in big purchases, and especially when it comes to making decisions in which they’ll be affected in some way, be thoughtful, courteous, and ask them how they feel about it, and before making any decisions. This is a huge part of treating your partner like a teammate, a partner, and someone who you respect and care about. Remember, it’s not all about you, your wants, and your needs. Think of your partner and be considerate of how they might feel when doing things.

2. Be appreciative.

Don’t get caught up in the pattern of everyday life and your partner’s every day actions, even if you get so used to a routine. Be thankful and appreciative of what they do for you. Show them by expressing your gratitude and saying thank you and simply letting them know once in awhile just how grateful you are for what they do, for what they bring to the table, and even for merely having them in your life and what a blessing that is. Sometimes, we get so used to what our partner does for us, that we forget to show them how much we appreciate them, and trust me when I say this—showing that you’re appreciative of them will go a long way.

3. Include them in your life.

Make your partner feel included. Invite them, include them, and bring them closer into your life and even in your social circle. Make them feel that you love them enough to involve them more in your life. Look at the word “partner.” It’s spelled “PART-ner”. Make them a PART of your life. Talk to your partner about your day, and make them feel almost as if they were with you.

Feeling close to each other can be so beneficial in many ways, and it can even make you feel closer on an intimate level because of your closeness throughout each day. Talk to them about what’s going on with you, your family, your friends, or whatever you feel that you’d like to share. Be each other’s best friend by involving them to the point that you both feel comfortable and desire to confide in one another, rather than to confide in others outside of your relationship.

4. Be close, warm, and nurturing.

Closeness may lead to intimacy, but it doesn’t have to. Being close involves making the time to cuddle, hold hands, kiss, and even share things with one another. As well, it may even involve talking to one another on a deeper level, and truly getting to know one another so deep, where you may even share your innermost desires and feelings. Be nurturing, loving, and affectionate to one another. Be warm with the tone of your voice. There’s a softer side in all of us. Be that softie when you’re alone and embracing your loved one. Be calm, poised, and delicate in your touch, in your words, and when it comes to doing things for one another. Be nurturing by being selfless, giving, and considerate of one another’s wants and needs.

5. Be respectful and understanding.

When your partner says that they’re tired or that they had a hard day, don’t bring up heavy topics. Know when to bite your tongue and keep things light and easy. It’s times like that when you should be considerate and nurturing (see number 4). Be respectful of one another, and that means having their back when talking to others, being supportive in all times, and especially when you know how much they need it. Be respectful of how they will feel when doing or saying things whether in front of them or behind their back. Always have their back, just like Rocky and Adrian from the movie “Rocky.”

Be understanding of your partner’s wants, needs, and desires by giving them just enough freedom to be themselves and to do things in their life that will make them happy. Don’t do things to make them feel trapped or as if they’re feelings or wants don’t matter. Be supportive by showing them that you care how they feel and what will make them feel good. As well, be respectful to your partner by listening when they speak, by understanding the value of their opinions, and by being open to truly embracing their differences (which we all have to some extent).

6. Make time for each other.

Making time for one another is essential in order to have a close and happy love life. Take the time out of your day to touch base, and to connect in some way, even during your busiest of days. but be understanding that some days might be busier than others. However, as a general rule of thumb, try to connect even if it’s for a mere moment whenever possible. It brings closeness and will make your partner feel loved. Make a date night at least once a week, and make sure that you keep the fire alive in your relationship by being romantic and doing sweet gestures once in awhile.

7. Be honest and open book.

Being comfortable enough to communicate your feelings, your desires, your wants, and your needs can make a relationship amazing. As well, if you’re honest, direct, and sweet, it will make it so that your partner feels close to you. Honesty is imperative and it goes hand in hand with building trust in a relationship. And when two people can truly trust one another, they’ll feel like best friends, and be able to communicate openly and freely.

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