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How to get over someone isn’t the easiest of things to do usually because of a few factors. If you’re struggling with it more so, then it’s likely because you either still have feelings for the person, you’re so used to them being a part of your life, or maybe even because you’ve become lonely now that they’re gone. It’s important to understand first and foremost why you’re struggling to get over your ex, and which one of those three categories you fall into. It’s more than likely though that you might fall into all three of those categories, and that’s why you’ve probably searched the Internet for “how to get over an ex.” 

In this article I wanted to go over a few ways to make getting over someone easier. You can’t expect to read one article off of the web and think that suddenly you’ll get over someone. However, reading and learning new things about whatever you’re struggling with in life definitely doesn’t hurt, and it can help encourage your healing process if you’re reading good tips and getting helpful advice

This is why I like writing so much, because many times people are afraid to ask others for advice or even feel that their private lives they want to keep private – even from therapists or seeking guidance from an actual person. Although I’m obviously a person, and so are are all other writers that you’re reading from on the Internet, we make it a lot easier to get quick advice, and hey, it’s also free.

Just remember that just because you read something off of the Internet doesn’t mean that it will work for you, someone that you know, or anyone else for that matter. Relationship advice blogs are here to help people, but it’s important to take what you can from them, without expecting everything that you read to work for you personally. Now let’s get back to my main subject, how to get over an ex.

First off, regardless of how long you’ve been with someone that you care about or whether you’re even trying to get over someone that you were in an actual relationship with or not, you clearly have feelings for someone, and you likely want to rid yourself of them. Therefore, I’m going to give you a few tips that can hopefully help your healing process. Just remember that it’s a process, and things take time to ultimately work, so don’t give up or expect your feelings to change overnight. 

1. Kill the Thought

Whenever the person comes to your mind, control your thoughts, distract yourself, and killed the thought. You’re in control of what you think about, and although I don’t believe that we should be too hard on ourselves when it comes to healing from a past life experience, this is the time where you need to be hard on yourself, and immediately kill the thought. Don’t mope around, feeling sorry for yourself. Get up, and get out of the house. Stay active, and when the person comes to your mind – and you know that they will – kill the thought.

2. Distract Yourself and Stay Busy

Find things to keep yourself busy. Dive into your work more, make plans with friends, spend time with family, and do any activities that might be fun for you. You’re single now, so it’s important to do things that singles do. When you’re in a relationship, you’re mostly doing things as a couple, so now that you’re single, do all of the things that you couldn’t do when you were in a relationship, and embrace your single life while you’re in this stage. 

3. Get a Cardboard Box

I don’t believe in throwing out sentimental things – that is, unless you’re fully ready to. If you’re the type that can relate, and you’d prefer to hold onto sentimental things, then do so, but place them all in a box or stash them away – all in one place. Wherever you stash them or put your box, make sure that it’s out of your site. You don’t need any reminders of your past, because they’ll be in your memories, and just to show you that I’m not a cold hearted person, I’m literally telling you to keep them, but put them all away. So go throughout your home, and find everything that you’d consider sentimental from the person and your relationship, and put them away. 

4. Stay Fit and Be Active

It’s always good to be healthy and to live a predominantly healthy lifestyle. But after a breakup or when you’re trying to get over someone, it’s even more important to concentrate on your health, fitness, and well being. You obviously want to take care of your body from the inside out. But part of taking care of the inside (which is your emotions) would be to do things that will make you emotionally in a happy state like working out and staying fit. Do whatever you can that will keep you active, so do activities that will help increase your dopamine levels, and boost your endorphins. You are what you eat, so eat healthy so you’ll feel good, and work out so you’ll look good, because hey, soon enough you’ll be over your ex, and it’s always good to be ready, and look your best for yourself, but also if you have hopes to eventually meeting someone new. 

5. End All Contact with Them

You can’t be friends with an ex right away, and for some people, you never can. However, for those that have the desire to remain friends with an ex, you’re still going to need time apart, and that time apart from one another involves having no contact at first. You need your space to fully get over the person, they need their space to fully get over you, and I’m not a big fan of the break up, make up routine, so don’t even think about it! 

6. Remind Yourself Why You Broke Up

Think of all of the reasons why you’re not together anymore, and remember, you’re trying to get over an ex, you’re not trying to get back with them, so remember to think of the bad things that happened when you were together. You see, when you’re in a situation, you should think of all of the positive things when you’re in it so that you stay, and appreciate what you have when you have it. However, when you’re no longer in a situation and things have come to an end, it’s important to concentrate on all of the negative things that the relationship had, and the reasons for why it ended. 

7. Don’t Stalk Them on Social Media

Actually, don’t stalk them anywhere, and not just on social media alone. I was hoping that it would be an obvious statement, but now that I think about it, don’t stalk anyone period. It’s important to come to terms with the fact that your ex is in your past now, so there’s no need to check up on them, there’s no need to find out who they’re talking to, making friends with, what they’re up to, and what’s going on in their life. Now it’s time to concentrate on your life, who you’re talking to, and what you’re going to do from now on to keep busy, and to avoid stalking them throughout social media, and anywhere else for that matter. 

8. Clean, Rearrange, and Organize

We’re not talking about your soul here. I’m referring to rearranging your furniture, and clicking refresh so to speak on the way things look where you live. This goes for whether you’ve spent a lot of time with your ex in your living environment or not. Changing things around in the environment that you’re used to can help you out when it comes to getting over someone. Don’t ask me why, it just does! Rearrange things, organize things, and stay tidy. The last thing that you want is to get depressed, and unorderly living arrangements and messiness tend to build a depressive state of mind. Messiness tends to add onto depression. Therefore, it’s imperative to keep things neat and orderly in your home, and sometimes being “a little neat freak” after a breakup can do wonders – not to mention, it keeps you very busy. 

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